Collect over 600 unique items!

Every run of DemonCrawl is something new.

Discover powerful item combinations as you master the strengths and weaknesses of our 5 major categories: Passive, Consumable, Magic, Omen and Legendary items!


  • Whenever you acquire a new item, it is recorded in your Codex for future reference!
  • Find Blueprints and craft your favorite items to bring them into a quest with you!
  • Manipulate the odds of finding key items using the Talent system!
  • Select one of 24 Masteries that synergizes with your favorite items or preferred playstyle!

Personalize your avatars...

Enhance your profile with over 100 paints and holographic effects!
Can you find them all?

...As well as your inventories

A world of intrigue

You will find valuable loot, friendly strangers, and mysterious landmarks to assist you along your journey! Make no mistake, you are going to need all the help you can get to survive in this land of monsters...

Explore 70+ stage mods

From "Dark Burning Forest" to "Double Dry Ocean" and everything in between - DemonCrawl stage mods can have a dramatic effect on how you approach the game board!