v1.52 Patch Notes

New Features Added a “posthumous hint” effect to show where you could have moved if you lose the quest Quality of Life Finality omen now creates a toast notification when you dieRefactored event trigger code for better localization and (eventual) mod supportWe can now load event-driven item strings from external JSON filesFor example, if you […]

v1.50 Patch Notes

New Features New mastery: Novice – Offers powerful learning tools at the expense of scoreNew mastery: Demolitionist – Bring on the BarrelsNew memento: Demolitionist’s Memento – “Whenever you blow up an object in the Metagate, spawn a Guide.”You can now manually detonate barrels at the cost of 1 damageThe autosolver can now utilize monster count […]

v1.48 Closed Beta Patch Notes

Today is the grand opening of the DemonCrawl Beta Program! Going forward, all major DemonCrawl updates will be subject to a 3-7 day beta testing period. This will give us a chance to catch bugs and respond to critical player feedback before pushing any big changes live. We believe this extra step in our development cycle will […]