August 16, 2020 Patch

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Source: v1.55 Patch Notes - Classic Mode 2.0

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.55.

Patch notes

v1.55 Patch Notes - Classic Mode 2.0 Hi folks,

We just released a big update for DemonCrawl that adds selectable skins to Classic Mode! You can unlock Classic Skins by earning high scores in each stage of a regular quest.

If you manage to get every Classic Skin, you will be rewarded with the new Infinite Journey achievement. This patch introduces 20 achievements altogether!

There are also 3 challenging new Stage Mods. Check them out:

Patch notes 1.55.png

Full patch notes are below.


New Features

  • Redesigned Classic Mode interface
  • Unlock skins for Classic Mode by earning a certain amount of points in each stage
  • Hybrid skins are supported by Classic Mode as well
  • Randomize your Classic Mode settings by clicking on the "Custom" difficulty button
  • New stage mod: Vigilant - "Before opening or chording a cell, nearby visible monsters will attack you."
  • New stage mod: Forsaken - "Legendary items do not work. Omens activate an additional time."
  • New stage mod: Surrounded - "At the start of the stage, monsters spawn along the perimeter." (Suggested by community member Cubear!)
  • Added new color palettes for 10 existing stage mods
  • Added 20 achievements
  • Added Patch Notes button to main menu
  • Added Discord button to main menu
  • Added Patreon button to main menu
  • Added something ~secret~

Quality of Life

  • Updated the description of Helm for clarity
  • If you lose on a Dark stage, board visibility will be restored for ease of review

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed string issues related to Greedy Pig, Treasure Pouch, Medusa Head, Dumbbell, Ritual Chalk
  • The following items now observe standard event triggers: Brainsap, Hot Sauce, Taxes, Monocle, Claw, Chromatic Choker, Appetizer, Anvil
  • Fixed a crash related to hovering a Snowball artifact
  • Fixed another crash related to the Dark Chest that adds monsters to a stage
  • Fixed Doomcall not activating harbingers a second time as described
  • Fixed a visual glitch that would cause bosses to desync from their cell during movement
  • Similar to above, fixed an issue related to Groupie and stranger movement
  • Fixed title casing in Glint tooltips
  • Fixed Gluttony not interacting with Mystery Meat
  • Fixed a crash related to Prism of Intellect not distinguishing between normal and divine item radius (e.g. Divine Watering Can)
  • The Predatory stage mod will no longer create a toast notification if there are no monsters on the board
  • Applying Burning directly to a hidden cell no longer activates monster reveal effects
  • Nightmare toast will no longer show up when right-clicking objects on the board
  • The inventory button will no longer animate if your inventory is full whenever item acquisition is attempted
  • Fixed a Linux-only crash related to Quest V by replacing spaces in stage skin folders with underscores
  • Speculative fix for visual glitch that causes an empty cell to appear full (please let us know if you continue running into this issue)

Hotfix #1 @ 6:52 PM EST - Fixed a couple crashes related to localization features. Hotfix #2 @ 9:13 PM EST - Fixed a crash related to metagate and the new classic skin progression.

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