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Beyond is an endgame game mode which offers a significant challenge in return for unique unlocks.


To play Beyond, the player must offer up 3 artifacts and 5 Tokens (with one exception noted in Emblems below). The artifacts they choose will determine which Stages they play and if the player wishes, they can submit the same type of artifact multiple times to play the same stage repeatedly.


Completing a Beyond quest will give the player a number of rewards, chosen randomly from a list:

  • A small number of artifacts from a random type (does not have to be from a stage that was played)
  • Wordclay
  • XP doublers
  • Avatars
  • Divine Items. The items unlocked depend on the artifacts sacrificed.
    • A divine is not guaranteed. Each stage has an associated divine (see Stages). If any divine unlocks appear in the prize pool, the stages played will determine which divine(s) is unlocked.
  • Tokens
  • Emblems

Since avatars which are available from the standard Token shop are included in the prize pool, consider buying all the available avatars as soon as possible to reduce the chances of the prize pool containing otherwise easily obtained rewards.


Beyond takes a fixed format, 3 normal Stages and 3 special stages. The lower number of stages restricts most Masteries from using their mastery ability and prevents the player from obtaining a large amount of loot. The third and final stage contains a Boss.


The player can also choose to apply an emblem. Emblems are found randomly on any stage and change a Beyond run in significant ways. They either offer the player an additional prize at the end of their run or offer a very significant bonus, though some of the "additional prize box" emblems can also make a Beyond run much easier.

Name Description Effect
Big Bang Size matters. All stages gain Large mod

Gain Lyre Gain 2 miracle seeds Your Prizebox will contain 1 extra item

Blood of the Heretic Put everything on the line All stages gain Pagan mod

Gain 3 Transcendence Gain 3 random omens Your Prizebox will contain 1 extra item

Computer Simulation 0111010001101000011010010111001101101001011100110110111001101111

01110100011101000110100001100101011100100110010101100001011011000 111011101101111011100100110110001100100

Guarantees a unique divine item (Divine Pound of Flesh)

Requires: Redvein, Bluevein, Greenvein and 50 tokens. Boss is guaranteed to be Beyond Ego, a harder version of Ego.

Cosmic Hysteria No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness. Gain a random item from each category

Your Prizebox will contain 1 extra item

Day of Reckoning The disaster of today is the discovery of tomorrow. All stages gain Apocalyptic mod

Gain Halo Gain Cudgel Your Prizebox will contain 1 extra item

Elemental Triumvirate The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled Guarantees a unique divine item (Divine Unstable Compound)

Requires: Circuit, Icicle, Lava

Exclusion Zone The air is not fit for breathing. All stages gain Toxic mod

Gain canteen Your Prizebox will contain 1 extra item

Global Warming We didn't start the fire. All stages gain Burning mod

Gain Cryomancy Gain a random targetable magic item Your Prizebox will contain 1 extra item

High Voltage The harnessing of human nature to meet human needs. All stages gain Electric mod

Gain Golden Ring Gain Diamond Ring Gain Life Ring Your Prizebox will contain 1 extra item

Hivemind The colony must go on. All stages gain Wicked mod

Gain Dirty Soap Cankers cannot kill you Your Prizebox will contain 1 extra item

Ice Age Bring a coat. All stages gain Frozen mod

Gain Bonfire Gain Ruby of Flame Your Prizebox will contain 1 extra item

Infinity Knot When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you. Gain Chaos Portal

Gain key of Undoing Gain Tangleweed Your Prizebox will contain 1 extra item

Midnight Voyage What dangers lie in the dark All stages gain Dark mod Gain Lantern

Your Prizebox will contain 1 extra item

No Tomorrow A quest begun is half done. All stages gain Overwhelming mod

Quest has 2 stages instead of 3 Your Prizebox will contain 1 extra item

The Treasure Within Without money, all is in vain. Plus 1 guaranteed token per stage

Plus 2 guaranteed chests per stage Plus 3 guaranteed diamonds per stage

True Sight Ultimate power may seep through the cracks. All stages gain Temporal mod

Gain 3 random magic items Gain 3 Mana Potions Your Prizebox will contain 1 extra item

Tornado Alley This blows. All stages gain 3 Windy mods

Gain 3 Smoke Bombs Your Prizebox will contain 1 extra item

Beyond Avatars

Machine Overlord
Machine Bandit
Flame Sprite
Water Sprite
Shell Cracker
Quite Batty
Spooked Ya
Shadow Fiend
Plague Doctor
Gilded Bishop
Bronze Queen


  • "We didn't start the fire" is a reference to the Billy Joel song of the same name.
  • The description of Computer Simulation is written in binary. It translates to "thisisnottherealworld".
  • The description of Infinity Knot is a reference to Nietzsche: "If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you".