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Beyond is an endgame game mode which offers a significant challenge in return for unique unlocks.


Beyond mode becomes available once you have collected 10 Artifacts. You must first unlock hard Difficulty, as the artifacts of Stages only drop in quests on hard or greater.


To play Beyond, the player must offer up a 3 artifacts and 1 Token. Players can add glints and Emblems to modify their quest. The artifacts they choose will determine which Stages they play and if the player wishes, they can submit the same type of artifact multiple times to play the same stage repeatedly.


Completing a Beyond quest will give the player a number of rewards, chosen randomly from a list:

  • A small number of artifacts from a random type (does not have to be from a stage that was played)
  • XP doublers
  • Avatars
  • Divine Items. The items unlocked depend on the artifacts sacrificed.
    • A divine is not guaranteed. Each stage has an associated divine (see Stages). If any divine unlocks appear in the prize pool, the stages played will determine which divine(s) is unlocked. Only one divine can be unlocked per Beyond run and the odds of unlocking one are around 65%
  • Tokens
  • Emblems
  • Sigils

Since avatars which are available from the standard Token shop are included in the prize pool, consider buying all the available avatars as soon as possible to reduce the chances of the prize pool containing otherwise easily obtained rewards.


Beyond without any emblems takes a fixed format, 3 normal Stages and 3 special stages. The lower number of stages restricts most Masteries from using their mastery ability and prevents the player from obtaining a large amount of loot. The third and final stage contains a Boss.


The player can also choose to apply an Emblem. Emblems are found randomly on any stage and change a Beyond run in significant ways. They come in 3 levels and influence the quest as well as its cost, usually tailoring the run to a particular theme. Level 1 emblems require a 10 token fee and 10 artifacts per slot, Level 2 requires 100 tokens and artifacts per slot and level 3 requires 1000. Some emblems require specific artifacts to be offered. In addition, the level of emblem will add the same number of additional levels to the quest but may add more prize boxes and increase the value of the goods in the prize box (like increasing the number of artifacts earned).

Mythic Emblems

Sweeping Heights introduced Mythic Emblems. Mythic emblems are very rare, usually very difficult but completing them will guarantee that the player unlocks a unique divine which can only be obtained from that emblem.


Glints either make the quest easier in some way or give the player more rewards.

Name Effect
Treasure Glint Plus 1 guaranteed token per stage

Plus 2 guaranteed chests per stage Plus 3 guaranteed diamonds per stage

Atlas Glint Unlock all stages at the start of the quest
Bountiful Glint Your prizebox will contain 2 extra rewards
Bargain Glint Your quest will contain 1 extra Item Shop
Lavish Glint Gain a Present at the start of the quest
Golden Glint Begin the quest with 20 extra coins
Heavenly Glint Begin the quest with an extra revive
Mastery Glint Begin the quest with a fully-charged mastery
Medical Glint Gain a Health Potion at the start of the quest

Gain a Mana Potion at the start of the quest

Earthen Glint Remove 2 Stage Mods from the final stage of the quest
Iron Glint Begin the quest with 2 defense
Shadowy Glint Remove a boss mod

Remove any Dark Hearts that spawn with the boss

Scary Glint Remove 10 monsters from each stage
Sainted Glint The first stage gains a random positive mod
Weakening Glint Reduce the stage power of all stages by 1
Friendly Glint Spawn 5 strangers in bubbles at the start of the quest

Beyond Avatars

Machine Overlord
Machine Bandit
Flame Sprite
Water Sprite
Shell Cracker
Quite Batty
Spooked Ya
Shadow Fiend
Plague Doctor
Gilded Bishop
Bronze Queen


  • Treasure Glint was an emblem called Treasure Within prior to Sweeping Heights, the only emblem at the time that didn't provide an additional prize box due to it being 100% beneficial.

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