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Description Bury in a random cell to give it Sanctified, then restore lives equal to the cell's value.
Category Consumable
Cost 0 coins

Bones is an instant-speed consumable item.

Bones are the loot most frequently dropped on death by living Objects. Masteries or items that kill many Strangers or Monsters will produce a lot of bones.

The Undertaker Mastery.png Undertaker Mastery is focused on bones.


  • Tusk.png 5 Tusk (Hinterland stage)

Bones Related Items

Image Name Description Cost
Zombie Charm.png Zombie Charm When you bury Bones, spawn a familiar in the same cell. 13 coins
Quest for Necrosis.png Quest for Necrosis After opening 100 cells without making a mistake, fill your inventory with Bones. 15 coins
Book of Necromancy.png Book of Necromancy Pick up hearts at full life to gain Bones. 16 coins
Ivory Boots.png Ivory Boots [3 Armor] Every 50 turns, gain bones equal to the value of the cell you just clicked on. 19 coins
Skull Ring.png Skull Ring [200 Mana] Gain Bones for each life you are missing. 20 coins
Magic Bones.png Magic Bones [100 Mana] Bury Bones. 22 coins
Essence of Death.png Essence of Death [100 Mana] Gain Bones equal to one-tenth the sum of target visible 3x3 area, rounded down. 25 coins
Divine Bone Baton.png Divine Bone Baton [100 Mana] Gain Bones. While charged, you can bury Bones in hidden cells to reveal them. 26 coins
Bone Baton.png Bone Baton [100 Mana] Convert all visible loot to Bones. 27 coins
Skull.png Skull [3 Head Armor] Fortify by 1 whenever you bury Bones. 27 coins
Bone Casket.png Bone Casket Item chests also contain Bones. If you are not injured when you bury Bones, gain souls instead of restoring life. 30 coins
Undertaker Doll.png Undertaker Doll Gain Bones equal to your mastery charge cost when your ultimate ability is activated. 30 coins
Ivory Chestplate.png Ivory Chestplate [7 Armor] Whenever you bury Bones, fortify by the value of the cell the Bones are buried in. 55 coins


This item is not obtained in the Item Shop (because it is 0 coins). It appears after something is killed, or through other items.

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