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Canker.png Cankers are Orbs that cause the player to lose 1 Life when clicked.

Cankers will generally slow the player down as choosing when to click to solve cells becomes a concern. If the player is about to end the level but has unused hearts drops available, removing outstanding cankers is a good use for them.

The Mutant Mastery.png Mutant Mastery is based on generating and enhancing Cankers.


Canker Related Items

Image _pageName Description Cost
Comeuppance Whenever you collect loot, spawn a Canker in its place. 0 coins
Dirty Soap Orbs explode in a 3x3 area when clicked. Spawn 3 Cankers when you gain this item. 20 coins
Glitch Spawn a canker. Your orbs move erratically. 0 coins
Mutant's Memento Increase your life cap for your next dimension by your number of Cankers. 0 coins
Mutant Doll Spawn mutated Cankers equal to the charge cost of your mastery when you activate your ultimate ability. 30 coins
Ointment Whenever you discover a 4 or greater, pacify a Canker. If there are no Cankers to pacify, spawn one instead. 14 coins
Poltergeist When you enter a stage, spawn a number of cankers equal to the minimum power. 0 coins
Troll Cross [100 Mana] Reduce the stage power by the value of target numbered cell, then spawn that many cankers. 29 coins


Spooker.png Spookers are a seasonal variant of Cankers for the Halloween event. They are harmless.

During Halloween there is a small chance to generate a Spooker every time a cell is revealed, and a large chance to generate Spookers whenever Cankers spawn.

The Halloween Chest.png Halloween Special Chest makes Spookers.

When clicked, Spookers sometimes drop Candy.png Candy or Fake Candy.png Fake Candy.

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