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Chains are a little odd to understand at first and don't have much use outside of specific items or the Marksman mastery whose gameplay revolves around the mechanic.

Chains are built up by pressing/clicking on cells on the same value in repeated succession. This can be when opening cells or when chording. Picking up items does not affect your chain in any way. A chain's value is simply which value cell you're clicking, the chain length is how many of that value cell you've clicked on, and the chain sum is the number you get when you add all the values you clicked on in the chain. If you chord a cell with a value of 3 2 turns in a row then you have a chain value of 3, a chain length of 2 turns, and a chain sum of 6. You can see all this information and more by hovering over your avatar.

Overflagging cells and using chording to remove each hidden cell 1 by 1 is generally the most effective way of building chains. The value of the chain is determined by whatever the value of the cell you clicked on is.

Chain Related Items

Image Name Description Cost
Broken Chain.png Broken Chain 50% chance to break your chain each turn. 0 coins
Marksman's Memento.png Marksman's Memento Increase your life and defense cap for the next dimension by the length of your chain when you entered the portal. 0 coins
Spring.png Spring Double the length of your chain, then solve a number of cells equal to the length of your chain. 8 coins
Pillow.png Pillow Whenever you break a chain, pass a number of turns equal to the chain's length. 10 coins
Divine Rotting Head.png Divine Rotting Head For 10 seconds, reduce incoming damage by the number of seconds left. Extend the duration by 1 second whenever you increase the length of your chain. 14 coins
Drone.png Drone Every 20 turns, reveal a number of monsters equal to the length of your chain. Cancel this effect if you don't have a chain. 19 coins
Nunchucks.png Nunchucks [200 Mana] Reveal target 3x3 area. If the sum of that area is less than the sum of your chain, kill all monsters in that area. Otherwise, you take 3 damage. 23 coins
Marksman Doll.png Marksman Doll Increase the length of your chain by 3 times your mastery charges at the start of each stage, and when you activate your ultimate ability. 30 coins
Yarn of Life.png Yarn of Life Whenever you create a 5-turn chain of value 2 or greater, gain 1 soul. 30 coins
Yarn of War.png Yarn of War Whenever you create a 5-turn chain of value 2 or greater, gain 1 defense. 30 coins
Mana Lung.png Mana Lung Each turn, gain mana equal to the sum of your chain. 34 coins
Candelabra.png Candelabra [300 Mana] Automatically discharges when the sum of your chain is 5 or greater. Gain a Candle, then reveal cells equal to your number of Candles. 35 coins
Chainmail.png Chainmail [1 Body Armor] Fortify whenever the length of your chain becomes greater than this item's durability. 35 coins
Chainsaw.png Chainsaw [200 Mana] Spawn a Sawblade on target empty cell and set its lifespan to the length of your chain. 35 coins
File:Divine Chainsaw.png Divine Chainsaw [240 Mana] Kill target visible monster or stranger, spawn a number of Sawblades equal to the cell's value, then set the lifespan of your Sawblades to your chain length. 40 coins
Chain Whip.png Chain Whip Your familiars move extra times equal to the length of your chain. You can powerchord any cell as long as the length of your chain is 6 turns or greater. 50 coins


  • v1.48 Opening the same cell twice in a row no longer increases your chain (it doesn't break the chain either)
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