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Chests are loot Objects that give you an Item or some Coins.


Each stage has a guaranteed chest. Or in Beyond quests, two guaranteed chests.

There is an ~11% chance an item chest will contain an Omen. A chest on a Machine Tile Sanctified.png Sanctified Aura cell will never drop an omen. Machine Tile Cursed.png Cursed aura item chests will always contain omens.

The value of chests depends on the maximum power of the current stage. See #Chest values below.

When you open a chest with a full inventory, the item will drop on the ground.

Chest values

Max Stage Power increases the possible value of chests. Item chests can contain items worth between 0 coins and up to (4 × Max Power)+3 base coin cost. Coin chests will contain between 6 coins and up to (2 × Max Power)+6 coins.

maximum coin value
Max power Items Coins
1 7 8
2 11 10
3 15 12
4 19 14
5 23 16
6 27 18
7 31 20
8 35 22
9 39 24
10 43 26
maximum coin value
Max power Items Coins
11 47 28
12 51 30
13 55 32
14 59 34
15 63 36
16 67 38
17 71 40
18 75 42
19 79 44
20 83 46
maximum coin value
Max power Items Coins
21 87 48
22 91 50
23 95 52
24 99 54
25 103 56
26 107 58
27 111 60
28 115 62
29 119 64
30 123 66

Additional drops

Chest Omen Saturn Artifact.png

Coin chests only contain coins. In item chests, you will sometimes get a second (or third) bonus loot:

Once you are playing on Hard Difficulty item chests may contain Blueprints for Crafting.

The Token.png Token shop sells the Artificer upgrade that gives a 3%-15% chance to find artifacts in your chests.

You can also find Sigil alteration materials in item chests. This chance is increased by the rare loot drop chance for the stage.

Special Chests

If you have a Special Chest unlocked and set in your profile, it has a 10% chance to replace normal chests.

Chest Related Items

Image Name Description Cost
Contagion.png Contagion Chests have an additional 10% chance to contain Contagion. 0 coins
Empty Chest.png Empty Chest Stages no longer have a guaranteed chest. 0 coins
Fool's Gold.png Fool's Gold Coin chests will instead steal your money. 0 coins
Mimic.png Mimic When you open a chest on a 1 or greater, take monster damage. 0 coins
Stolen Relic.png Stolen Relic Whenever you open a chest, you are afflicted with a random curse. 0 coins
The Devil's Share.png The Devil's Share You must pay 5 coins to open chests. 0 coins
Treasure Pouch.png Treasure Pouch Spawn a random number of chests between the stage's minimum and maximum power. 6 coins
Divine Horseshoe.png Divine Horseshoe Until your next mistake, you have omen immunity, chests cannot contain omens, and coins are worth 1 more. 7 coins
Crystal Ball.png Crystal Ball [80 Mana] Convert target chest into an item. 8 coins
Gearcheck.png Gearcheck Non-omen items from chests will drop on the ground. 8 coins
Regift.png Regift Consume passive items to spawn a chest. 10 coins
Treasure Map.png Treasure Map Increases your chance to find treasure chests. 10 coins
Bloodbank.png Bloodbank When you complete a stage, gain 1 max life for every diamond or chest left behind. 12 coins
Helm.png Helm Treasure chests may contain more valuable items. 12 coins
Ironbank.png Ironbank When you complete a stage, gain 1 defense for every diamond or chest left behind. 12 coins
Manabank.png Manabank When you complete a stage, gain 100 mana for every diamond or chest left behind. 12 coins
Wildbank.png Wildbank When you complete a stage, gain 1 minion for every diamond or chest left behind. 12 coins
Divine Gearcheck.png Divine Gearcheck Items from chests will drop on the ground. 15 coins
Tricorne.png Tricorne [1 Armor] Fortify whenever you open a chest. 17 coins
Parrot.png Parrot Treasure chests contain two rewards. 18 coins
Spyglass.png Spyglass Chests are half as likely to contain omens. 18 coins
Scrap Hopper.png Scrap Hopper [25 Mana] Destroy target chest. The next time you open a chest, gain 1 soul. 19 coins
Friendly Mimic.png Friendly Mimic Your chests are strong familiars. You can still open them. 20 coins
Treasure Amulet.png Treasure Amulet Stages have an additional treasure chest. 20 coins
Clay Figurine.png Clay Figurine All chests contain Soft Clay. 25 coins
Hook Hand.png Hook Hand Your guaranteed chests will be Special Chests. Activate special chest effects twice. 26 coins
Divine Spyglass.png Divine Spyglass Chests cannot contain omens. 27 coins
Herbs.png Herbs Item chests also contain a random potion. 27 coins
Metal Detector.png Metal Detector [300 Mana] While charged, all chests will contain coins. 29 coins
Bone Casket.png Bone Casket Item chests also contain Bones. If you are not injured when you bury Bones, gain souls instead of restoring life. 30 coins
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