Christmas Event

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The Christmas seasonal event takes place during the second half of December.

There is content exclusive to this time. Special music and temporary decorations. During the event a variety of seasonal cosmetic items are available to drop in prizeboxes. There is a questline with unique rewards. Special artifacts drop on all stages. There are seasonal divine items and a mythic emblem. There is a special Boss.


Quest Requirement Reward
SEASON OF GIVING Give a present to a stranger. 1 Token (recurring)
AGENT OF SANTA Give 3 presents to strangers. Santa's Helper (avatar)
BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE Rescue 10 strangers from ice. Penguin (avatar)
SNOWY STRANGER Build a Snowman. Frosty (avatar)
THIS PLEASES SANTA Win a stage alongside good Santa. Saint Nick (avatar)
I AM BECOME CLAUS Dress as Santa. Below Zero