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Crafting allows the player to create Heirloom items out of Artifacts, to be used in a future run.


To craft an Heirloom, purchase the Crafter I Upgrade to unlock the first Heirloom slot. There are up to three Heirloom slots, and a maximum of 10 copies of an item can be stored in each slot.

Items in your Heirlooms slots can be expended to give you that item at any point during any quest. You can only take a single Heirloom into a given quest, all three slots are disabled when you activate any of them.


Once you have unlocked Hard mode, you have a chance to collect Blueprints from chests. Blueprints only drop in Hard mode onwards. Favored items also increase the chance of that item's Blueprint to drop. Not all items have blueprints.

Craft Choose.png

Once you have a Blueprint, in the Codex click the crafting button near the top left to enter crafting mode. Select the Blueprint you wish to see the recipe.


Craft Mortar.png

To finally craft the Heirloom, collect the required Artifacts. Each Stage in the original five quests has its own unique Artifact. Artifacts start to drop on hard mode. Worldclay can be purchased in the Token shop for 5 Tokens and acts a wildcard for any missing artifact. It can also sometimes be found as a reward for Beyond quests.



The Scribe stranger interacts with Heirlooms. There are three types:

  • Reactivates your Heirloom slots, allowing you to bring another Heirloom into the current quest
  • Adds plus one to the remaining quantity of each of your current Heirlooms
  • Overwrites your Heirloom slots with the first three items in your inventory

The third Scribe type can give you Heirlooms of items that have no recipes.