December 16, 2020 Patch

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Source: v1.66 Patch Notes - Christmas 2020

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.66.

Patch notes

v1.66 Patch Notes - Christmas 2020 Hi folks,

DemonCrawl's Christmas Event is finally here, and with it comes a major game update!

Today, we are releasing 2 new masteries (Warlock and Human), 25 new items, a morality system, new Hero Trial mechanics and more™. Read on for the full patch notes!

A heartfelt thank-you to all of our Patrons and players who make it possible for us to continue developing free DemonCrawl updates. We hope you look forward to the exciting content we have planned for 2021!


Christmas Event

  • Complete the holiday questline to earn 4 new avatars and a new inventory skin
  • 21 additional holiday avatars are available in prizeboxes
  • Item Shops sell Giftwrap.png Giftwrap for 20 coins
  • Earn tokens by donating Present.png Presents to strangers
  • It's so cold that some strangers got trapped in ice
  • Added mysterious Soft Snow.png Soft Snow item...
  • Added Christmas Special Chest
  • Added last year's Christmas avatars to prizeboxes
  • Added last year's Christmas inventory to Token Shop
  • Added a new ~secret stage~
  • 2 new Divine Items
  • New holiday paint: White Christmas
  • Minor visual improvements to some of last year's Christmas avatars

New Features

  • New mastery: Human Mastery.png Human - "Use your morality to call upon the forces of good or evil."
  • New mastery: Warlock Mastery.png Warlock - "Sacrifice life to create Cursed cells and harness the power of magic." (Heavily inspired by ideas from community members Emberflame and Egg)
  • Added Morality mechanic: many common actions will either increase or decrease your morality
  • 3 new legendary items
  • 4 new magic items
  • 5 new passive items
  • 10 new consumable items
  • 3 new omens
  • New special chest: Radioactive Chest.png Radioactive Chest - "This cell gains Toxic. Spread Toxic when Poison activates. Reveal Toxic cells and kill any living objects within when you open this chest. This chest contains Poison."
  • New stage mod: Righteous mod.pngRighteous mod - "Lose 5 morality when you enter the stage. If your morality is negative at the end of the stage, lose all legendary items and gain an omen. If positive, lose all omens and gain a legendary."
  • Added "Use Classic Flag Icon" to Gameplay Settings
  • Added "Don't Scare Me" to Gameplay Settings (removes blood and spooky cutscenes)
  • Desktop only: added keybind for toggling in-game audio (default "M")
  • Hold Shift while pressing the audio toggle key to only affect the music track
  • New daily mission: HEART STOPPER - "Earn 100 points from Heartless awards."
  • Added new sigils related to morality
  • Hero Trials now have a 1-in-3 chance to feature an alternate scoring system
  • Greatly expanded the Hero Trial effect pool

Quality of Life

  • Holiday items are now given a hidden tag, allowing you to search for them in the Codex by holiday name
  • Added simple animation for changes to properties like morality
  • The window scale setting will now update in real time to prevent players from accidentally setting it too high
  • The help menu scrollbar now advances by only 1 row per tick
  • Minor tweaks to Pufferfish.png Pufferfish sprite
  • Added tooltip for Masteries and Special Chests to indicate how many you have unlocked
  • Updated Sigil icon in the loadout editor
  • Updated True Ending dialogue
  • Darkened background during credits sequence of the True Ending for legibility

Balance Changes

  • Library can no longer generate items that cost less than 1
  • Mystic Statue.png Mystic Statue rewards are now provided at level completion rather than when you exit the completed level
  • You can no longer apply an aura to a cell that already has the same aura
  • Cursed aura now deflects all forms of life loss instead of just damage
  • Shadow Siphon.png Shadow Siphon effect modified: "Gain souls equal to the value of target visible occupied cell, then destroy its contents without triggering kill effects."
  • Shadow Siphon price increased from 50 to 80 coins
  • Stocking.png Stocking rework: "[150 Mana] If your morality is positive, gain a Present. Otherwise, gain Coal."
  • Wrecking Ball.png Wrecking Ball no longer reports as a completed effect if it could not find an object to destroy

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the item loss trigger when activated via item transformation
  • Fixed a crash related to updating keybinds
  • Fixed a rare crash related to the "conceal stats" variable
  • Fixed a potential memory leak related to Quest for Piety.png Quest for Piety
  • Fixed an issue with Breadcrumbs solving more cells than intended
  • Minor performance improvement for items that drop at random (e.g. Minion.png Minions from Binoculars.png Binoculars)
  • Seismic mod.pngSeismic mod no longer attempts to move immutable objects
  • Fixed an issue with blowing up frozen visible monsters
  • Fixed invalid target text for Bomb.png Bomb
  • Fixed typo in Protagonist Mastery.png Protagonist Mastery unlock strings
  • Fixed persistent magic sparkles when restarting a quest
  • Fixed an issue with Hero Trial inbox rewards
  • Cursed aura no longer attempts to destroy immutable objects
  • Standardized "USE_MAGIC" trigger to fix a few inconsistent edge cases
  • Standardized "CLICK_MONSTER" and "CLICK_BOSS" triggers
  • Wand Of Retribution.png Wand Of Retribution no longer gives souls for monsters that survive its effect