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A Diamond.png Diamond is an Object that grants 5 coins.

Diamond Related Items

Image Name Description Cost
Profane Staff.png Profane Staff Whenever you collect a diamond, manalock a random magic item for a number of turns equal to its mana cost. 0 coins
Loupe.png Loupe Diamonds are worth 1 more coin. 4 coins
Midas Glove.png Midas Glove Heart drops are converted to diamonds if you are not injured. 6 coins
Supply and Diamond.png Supply and Diamond Whenever you gain a diamond, spawn a Nomad. 9 coins
Bloodbank.png Bloodbank When you complete a stage, gain 1 max life for every diamond or chest left behind. 12 coins
Ironbank.png Ironbank When you complete a stage, gain 1 defense for every diamond or chest left behind. 12 coins
Manabank.png Manabank When you complete a stage, gain 100 mana for every diamond or chest left behind. 12 coins
Wildbank.png Wildbank When you complete a stage, gain 1 minion for every diamond or chest left behind. 12 coins
Pickaxe.png Pickaxe Doubles the value of diamonds. 14 coins
Crystal Veins.png Crystal Veins Whenever you pick up a diamond, gain 1 soul. 16 coins
Diamond Ring.png Diamond Ring Slightly increases your chance to find diamonds. 16 coins
Touchstone.png Touchstone Coin drops are now worth 2, but diamonds are only worth 3. 16 coins
Arcane Staff.png Arcane Staff The first diamond you collect each turn will fully charge a random magic item. 30 coins
Diamond Boots.png Diamond Boots [6 Armor] Every 30 turns, spawn a number of diamonds equal to the value of the cell you just clicked on. 30 coins
Diamond Rod.png Diamond Rod [300 Mana] Convert all visible loot to diamonds. 30 coins
Royal Glove.png Royal Glove Spawn a familiar whenever you collect a diamond. 30 coins
Diamond Chalice.png Diamond Chalice Every 50 cells opened, spawn a diamond. 34 coins
Diamond Amulet.png Diamond Amulet Doubles your chance to find diamonds. 35 coins
Gemcut Glove.png Gemcut Glove Many of your diamonds will be Purple Diamonds. 36 coins
King of Diamonds.png King of Diamonds [200 Mana] Spawn diamonds on visible cells in target 3x3 area. Convert any diamonds that were already in this area into purple diamonds. 45 coins
Diamond Helmet.png Diamond Helmet [8 Armor] Spawn a diamond whenever this armor takes 2 or more damage. Fortify by 1 whenever you collect a diamond. 50 coins
Diamond Chestplate.png Diamond Chestplate [14 Armor] Fortify by 2 whenever you collect a diamond. 70 coins
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