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Divine Items are variants of normal Items.


They are unlocked by playing Beyond mode, with each Beyond Stage artifact having a divine item to unlock. The hover text of each artifact will show the associated divine item once it is unlocked. Unlocking a divine item is not guaranteed in every beyond quest; several successful runs may be required.


When a divine variant is unlocked, it can be toggled on or off in the codex by right clicking. If you have chosen to keep the divine variant active, only the divine version of the item will appear in chests and shops and vice versa. Any way the item can appear will switch between normal and divine, including monster drops and Heirlooms.

Divine variants have different costs and different effects. Not all divine items are "better" than their regular counterparts though many are better in certain situations. Some require a different mana cost or are at least cheaper.

You may only have one divine item in your inventory at a time, the newest one will replace any others. Legendary and divine items are separate, you can have one of each. This needs to be considered when choosing which divine items to activate.

List of Divine Items

Image Item Standard cost Divine cost Divine effect Source
Divine Ankh.png Ankh 27 coins 50 coins Negates death once. At the end of the stage, if you've opened at least 50 cells without making a mistake and have no revives, gain a revive. Cactus.png Cactus
Divine Banner.png Banner 14 coins 16 coins [150 mana] Spawn a familiar in target empty cell, the value of which then determines the number of additional Familiars to spawn. Steel.png Steel
Divine Barbecue.png Barbecue 15 coins 15 coins [200 mana] Destroy all of your Minions and spawn 2 souls for each. Rot.png Rot
Divine Binoculars.png Binoculars 20 coins 20 coins Lots of Minions spawn in the wild. Nut.png Nut
Divine Blood Magic.png Blood Magic 20 coins 10 coins [100 Mana] Kill a random visible monster and gain 200 mana. Flesh.png Flesh
Divine Bomb.png Bomb 13 coins 10 coins Explode all visible cells of value 5 and greater, and all nearby cells. Bluevein.png Bluevein
Divine Bone Baton.png Bone Baton 27 coins 26 coins [100 Mana] Gain Bones. While charged, you can bury Bones in hidden cells to reveal them. Pumpkin Patch.png Pumpkin Patch
Divine Bonfire.png Bonfire 18 coins 16 coins [150 mana] Burn target sign and gain 3 souls. Kelp.png Kelp
Divine Boomerang.png Boomerang 12 coins 14 coins Blow up a 3x3 area around a random hidden cell. After you open 50 cells, gain Boomerang. Lightning.png Lightning
Divine Brain in a Vat.png Brain in a Vat 12 coins 10 coins [50 mana] Automatically discharges when you have to guess. Computer Simulation.png Computer Simulation
Divine Bubble Wrap.png Bubble Wrap 22 coins 28 coins [400 Mana] Bubble 5 random items that aren't Bubble Wrap. Tide Jewel.png Tide Jewel
Divine Bugle.png Bugle 24 coins 20 coins [130 mana] Spawn familiars on all visible cells of 3 or greater and pass a turn. Mercury.png Mercury
Divine Capitalism.png Capitalism 9 coins 17 coins If you spend coins in an item shop, it remains open. Waste.png Waste
Divine Cauldron.png Cauldron 21 coins 23 coins [130 Mana] Destroy a random omen and gain Witches Brew. Limpwort.png Limpwort
Divine Coffee.png Coffee 10 coins 10 coins Until you make a mistake, restore 2 lives whenever you discover a cell of value 4 or greater. Ichor.png Ichor
Divine Cudgel.png Cudgel 17 coins 15 coins [60 Mana] Kill strangers and landmarks in target visible 3x3 area. The Boneyard.png The Boneyard
Divine Dark Ink.png Dark Ink 5 coins 5 coins Destroy a random omen and lose lives equal to its position in your inventory. Umbra.png Umbra
Divine Demon Seed.png Demon Seed 9 coins 5 coins Add a random stage mod to the selected stage for each of your omens. Then, lose all omens. Coral.png Coral
Divine Dice.png Dice 5 coins 8 coins Rerolls the mods of all stages. Teardrop.png Teardrop
Divine Doomcall.png Doomcall 0 coins 0 coins Each stage has an additional Harbinger. Pay a Harbingers to make its effect beneficial. Guts.png Guts
Divine Fairy.png Fairy 18 coins 12 coins Reduce the current stage's power to 1. Tusk.png Tusk
Divine Forge Hammer.png Forge Hammer 6 coins 12 coins Fortify your armor by 2. If you are not wearing armor, gain 1 defense instead. Boulder.png Boulder
Divine Garlic.png Garlic 6 coins 10 coins You are immune to omens until your next mistake. Lose a random omen when this status effect expires. Spawn of Satan.png Spawn of Satan
Divine Gearcheck.png Gearcheck 8 coins 15 coins Items from chests will drop on the ground. Circuit.png Circuit
Divine Halo.png Halo 15 coins 13 coins At the end of each stage, gain 1 revive and cut your max life in half. Consume the Halo when enough is enough! Cloud.png Cloud
Divine Handaxe.png Handaxe 10 coins 12 coins Chop wood. Log.png Log
Divine Holy Ring.png Holy Ring 15 coins 14 coins You are immune to omens while you are injured. Wing.png Wing
Divine Horseshoe.png Horseshoe 7 coins 7 coins Until your next mistake, you have omen immunity, chests cannot contain omens, and coins are worth 1 more. Bramble.png Bramble
Divine Jack-O-Lantern.png Jack-O-Lantern 17 coins 25 coins [300 Mana] Reveal target cell, then manalock for 50 turns. Expand the radius of this item by your number of omens. Pumpkin.png Pumpkin
Divine Lantern.png Lantern 15 coins 15 coins [300 mana] Glean target hidden cell. If it's a 2 or greater, this item retains its mana. Lava.png Lava
Divine Leeches.png Leeches 5 coins 12 coins Remove all status effects and any items they are related to. Gain a revive if you removed 3 or more status effects this way. Dread Harvest.png Dread Harvest
Divine Lyre.png Lyre 7 coins 10 coins [300 mana] Add 10 monsters to the selected uncompleted stage. Remove 5 monsters from all other stages. Sky Song.png Sky Song
Divine Mantis.png Mantis 20 coins 25 coins When you enter a stage with 3 or more stage mods, gain a revive. Greenvein.png Greenvein
Divine Matchbook.png Matchbook 25 coins 30 coins Pyros are more common. They will send flares in all directions. Redvein.png Redvein
Divine Miracle Seed.png Miracle Seed 5 coins 10 coins Massively increase the size of selected stage. Poppy.png Poppy
Divine Mirror.png Mirror 32 coins 25 coins [500 mana] Use all of your consumable items without losing them. Manalock for 50 turns. Shard.png Shard
Divine Mortar.png Mortar 30 coins 30 coins Whenever a monster dies, it explodes in a 3x3 area. Shrapnel.png Shrapnel
Divine Mud.png Mud 9 coins 15 coins For the next 500 turns, when you use a magic item, gain 2 Minions instead of triggering its effect. Tumbleweed.png Tumbleweed
Divine Muscle.png Muscle 11 coins 14 coins At the start of a stage, spawn a number of strong familiars equal to the minimum power. Star.png Star
Divine Pickaxe.png Pickaxe 14 coins 19 coins Doubles the value of currency drops. Ore.png Ore
Divine Pound of Flesh.png Pound of Flesh 40 coins 50 coins Seal your last active inventory slot instead of taking damage. When you lose this item, unseal all of your inventory slots. Original Sin.png Original Sin
Divine Present.png Present 10 coins 14 coins Contains a random legendary or divine item. Bead.png Bead
Divine Puzzle.png Puzzle 7 coins 10 coins When you lose this item, gain 3 Presents. Dew.png Dew
Divine Rewind.png Rewind 18 coins 10 coins Every 100 turns, set your stats to their current values. Radium.png Radium
Divine Rotting Head.png Rotting Head 11 coins 14 coins For 10 seconds, reduce incoming damage by the number of seconds left. Extend the duration by 1 second whenever you increase the length of your chain. Worm.png Worm
Divine Scythe.png Scythe 22 coins 15 coins Gain 1 soul whenever you gain an omen. At the end of each stage, restore your life to max if you have at least 3 omens. Wheat.png Wheat
Divine Shadowbind.png Shadowbind 0 coins 0 coins When you lose this item, lose all of your other omens. Brimstone.png Brimstone
Divine Simple Robe.png Simple Robe 3 coins 7 coins [1 Armor] Double the durability whenever you complete a stage that has 2 or more stage mods. Antimatter.png Antimatter
Divine Slingshot.png Slingshot 9 coins 10 coins For 20 turns, reveal 3 random cells each turn. Kill any monsters found in these cells. Corestone.png Corestone
Divine Soothing Shell.png Soothing Shell 9 coins 20 coins The stage power becomes 1 for 35 turns. Conch.png Conch
Divine Spyglass.png Spyglass 18 coins 27 coins Chests cannot contain omens. Pearl.png Pearl
Divine Stocking.png Stocking 22 coins 16 coins [500 mana] Gain a present for each item shop you have completed. Snowball.png Snowball
Divine Sturdy Bow.png Sturdy Bow 20 coins 22 coins [200 mana] Target 3x3 area is revealed and all monsters in the area are killed. If at least 5 monsters were killed this way, return 100 mana to this item. Rope.png Rope
Divine Substitute.png Substitute 7 coins 13 coins Whenever you would lose an item, explode a random cell. If anything is destroyed by the blast, keep your item. Oil.png Oil
Divine Thief Bag.png Thief Bag 17 coins 24 coins [20 Mana] Steal the selected shop item. 50% chance you will need to escape! Tombstone.png Tombstone
Divine Thornseeker.png Thornseeker 31 coins 35 coins [120 mana] Gain Minions equal to the highest-value hidden cell in target 3x3 area. Algae.png Algae
Divine Time Capsule.png Time Capsule 11 coins 17 coins Gain 3 copies of a random inventory item. After 50 turns, lose all copies of that item. Dream.png Dream
Divine Timepiece.png Timepiece 10 coins 10 coins [150 mana] Set the duration of your status effects to 50. Petal.png Petal
Divine Totem.png Totem 18 coins 22 coins Every 40 cells opened, reduce the stage power by 1 and gain a Soothing Shell. Energy.png Energy
Divine Trapper.png Trapper 2 coins 15 coins At the start of each stage, flag a number of monsters equal to the stage's max power. Cobweb.png Cobweb
Divine Unstable Compound.png Unstable Compound 13 coins 9 coins Every 10 turns, apply one of each elemental aura to random cells. Elemental Triumvirate.png Elemental Triumvirate
Divine Voucher.png Voucher 10 coins 20 coins Receive selected shop item for free. Icicle.png Icicle
Divine Wager.png Wager 7 coins 5 coins 50% chance to double your coins. Doubloon.png Doubloon
Divine Watering Can.png Watering Can 15 coins 25 coins [400 mana] Spawn random loot in all empty visible cells. Nectar.png Nectar
Divine Whip.png Whip 14 coins 11 coins Your familiars move an extra space each turn. Whenever you gain a familiar, pass a turn. Soot.png Soot
Divine Wishbone.png Wishbone 10 coins 9 coins 33% chance to revive on death. Vestige.png Vestige
Divine Witchcraft.png Witchcraft 30 coins 27 coins [200 mana] Restore your life to max, gain 1 defense and gain 2 omens. Spore.png Spore
Divine World Map.png World Map 17 coins 10 coins Unlocks and uncompletes all stages. Arrowhead.png Arrowhead