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Emblems are items used to add challenges to Beyond mode quests.

They have unique modifiers and come with additional rewards. They come in three increasingly expensive levels.

Special Mythic emblems have an associated guaranteed Divine Item.


Emblem Loot.png

Emblems drop as random rare loot when playing on at least hard difficulty. They also can be found in prizeboxes.

Lv3 Emblems will only drop in beyond quests made with Lv2 Emblems or Lv3 Emblems.

Mythic Emblems have special drop conditions, see Emblem#Mythic.

Level 1

Costs Token.png10 Tokens and 10 artifacts per slot. Can award a Lv1 Sigil.

Image _pageName Description Effect Boss Sigil
Barrels of Fun Don't try this at home. Gain 8 Powder Keg.png Powder Kegs
Gain 4 Morel.png Morel
Cultist Keg
Big Bang Size matters. All stages gain Large mod.pngLarge mod

Gain Lyre.png Lyre

Gain 2 Miracle Seed.png Miracle Seeds
Yesterking Shine
Breaking the Seal What's mine is mine. All stages gain Sealed mod.pngSealed mod

Gain Handbell.png Handbell

Gain Medusa Head.png Medusa Head
Jailkeeper Free
Computer Simulation 0111010001101000011010<br>

0101110011011010010111<br> 0011011011100110111101<br> 1101000111010001101000<br> 0110010101110010011001<br> 0101100001011011000111<br> 0111011011110111001001<br>

R stage gains Ominous mod.pngOminous mod

G stage gains Rancid mod.pngRancid mod
B stage gains Silenced mod.pngSilenced mod

Boss stage gains Ominous, Rancid, Silenced, Forsaken mod.pngForsaken mod, and Active mod.pngActive mods
Beyond Ego Death
Constant Reminder Time moves slow. All stages gain Timeless mod.pngTimeless mod

Gain 4 random status effects

Gain Wishlist.png Wishlist
Bruises Jump
Day of Reckoning The disaster of today is the discovery of tomorrow. All stages gain Apocalyptic mod.pngApocalyptic mod

Gain Halo.png Halo

Gain Cudgel.png Cudgel
Doomsteed Friend
Elemental Triumvirate The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled. Machine stage gains Electric mod.pngElectric mod

Arctic stage gains Frozen mod.pngFrozen mod
Volcano stage gains Burning mod.pngBurning mod

Boss stage gains Elemental mod.pngElemental mod
Chronos Mantis
Exclusion Zone The air is not fit for breathing. All stages gain Toxic mod.pngToxic mod
Gain Leeches.png Leeches
Hellspawn Learn
High Voltage The harnessing of human nature to meet human needs. All stages gain Electric mod.pngElectric mod

Gain Golden Ring.png Golden Ring
Gain Diamond Ring.png Diamond Ring

Gain Life Ring.png Life Ring
Huskbane Gild
Infinity Knot When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you. Gain Chaos Portal.png Chaos Portal

Gain Key of Undoing.png Key of Undoing

Gain Tangleweed.png Tangleweed
Chronos Capital
Information Overload My brain hurts. All stages gain Educational mod.pngEducational mod

Gain Secret Decoder.png Secret Decoder

Gain Fireball.png Fireball
Burglez Mark
Midnight Voyage What dangers lie in the dark? All stages gain Dark mod.pngDark mod
Gain Lantern.png Lantern
Shade Master
No Tomorrow A quest begun is half done. All stages gain Overwhelming mod.pngOverwhelming mod
Quest only has 2 stages
Doomsteed Howl
Original Sin Beware the serpent. ? Huskbane Edible
Pumpkin Patch Trick or treat, monsters cheat! First stage has no stage mod

Second stage gains

Third stage gains

Boss stage gains

Maniac Roving
Reclamation Gone today, here tomorrow. All stages gain Devouring mod.pngDevouring mod

Gain Pennypincher.png Pennypincher
Gain 2 random passive items

Gain Gravedigger.png Gravedigger
Burglez Gift
The Descent Tunnels all the way down. All stages gain Tunnel mod.pngTunnel mod

Gain Astrolabe.png Astrolabe

Gain Treasure Amulet.png Treasure Amulet
Jailkeeper Howl
Tornado Alley This blows. All stages gain 3 Windy mod.pngWindy mod
Gain 3 Smoke Bomb.png Smoke Bombs
Baglord Quell
Whispers of Wisdom Listen to silence. It has much to say. All stages gain Silenced mod.pngSilenced mod

Gain 7 random uncharged magic items

Gain Lightning Rod.png Lightning Rod
Spellbinder Mist

Level 2

Costs Token.png100 Tokens and 100 artifacts per slot. Can award a Lv2 Sigil.

Image _pageName Description Effect Boss Sigil
Blood of the Heretic Put everything on the line. All stages gain Pagan mod.pngPagan mod

Gain 3 Transcendence.png Transcendence

Gain 3 random omens
Cultist Legends
Cosmic Hysteria No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness. Gain a random item from each category. Burglez Treasures
Den of Thieves You will not survive in the land of wolves. All stages gain Crooked mod.pngCrooked mod

Gain Candelabra.png Candelabra

Gain Crucible.png Crucible
Baglord Stones
Dread Harvest The time has come to collect. ? Doomsteed Violent
Evil Dealings You ever dance with the devil? All stages gain Ominous mod.pngOminous mod

Gain Holy Ring.png Holy Ring

Gain Witch Hat.png Witch Hat
Hellspawn Grace
Foam at the Mouth No such thing as too many bubbles. All stages gain Frothy mod.pngFrothy mod

Gain Thought Bubble.png Thought Bubble

Gain Paragon Rod.png Paragon Rod
Jailkeeper Wonders
Global Warming We didn't start the fire. All stages gain Burning mod.pngBurning mod

Gain Cryomancy.png Cryomancy

Gain a random targetable magic item
Bruises Fire
Heavy Chains We forge the chains we wear in life. All stages gain Unchained mod.pngUnchained mod

Gain Swelling Rune.png Swelling Rune

Gain a random magic item worth 10 coins or less
Doomsteed Crits
Hivemind The colony must go on. All stages gain Wicked mod.pngWicked mod

Gain Dirty Soap.png Dirty Soap

Cankers cannot kill you
Huskbane Riposte
Ice Age Bring a coat. All stages gain Frozen mod.pngFrozen mod

Gain Bonfire.png Bonfire

Gain Ruby of Flame.png Ruby of Flame
Bruises Ice
Sky Song There is a tension in the harmony of opposites. First stage gains

Second stage gains

Third stage gains

Fourth stage gains

Boss stage has no stage mods.
Yesterking Strung
Solidarity One for all, and all for one. All stages gain Communist mod.pngCommunist mod

Consume a Loan.png Loan

Gain another Loan.png Loan
Baglord Gold
Spawn of Satan The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. ? Hellspawn Unholy
The Boneyard We crawl in the land of the dead. ??? Shade Unholy
Tide Jewel A remembrance of past worlds. ? Spellbinder Magical
True Sight Ultimate power may seep through the cracks. All stages gain Temporal mod.pngTemporal mod

Gain 3 random magic items

Gain 3 Mana Potions
Spellbinder Spells
Utopia The lie became the truth. All stages gain Celestial mod.pngCelestial mod

Gain Mutton.png Mutton

Gain Finality.png Finality
Chronos Ether

Level 3

Costs Token.png1000 Tokens and 1000 artifacts per slot. Can award a Lv3 Sigil or Star of Chaos.

Image _pageName Description Effect Boss Sigil
Paroxysm It evolves. All stages gain Abstract mod.pngAbstract mod

Gain Dice.png Dice

Gain Chromatic Boots.png Chromatic Boots
Yesterking Regenerating
Sacred Ground Lands unspoiled. All stages gain Immutable mod.pngImmutable mod

Gain 3 random Key items

Gain Substitute.png Substitute
Chronos Flawless
Sawmill Watch your fingers. All stages gain Serrated mod.pngSerrated mod

Gain Leash.png Leash

Gain an uncharged Pendulum.png Pendulum
Huskbane Double
Sleep Paralysis Blurring the line between dreams and reality. All stages gain Nightmare mod.pngNightmare mod

Gain 3 Parasol.png Parasol

Gain Pennywise.png Pennywise
Shade Enduring
The Ascent You have learned to crawl, but now you must learn to climb. All stages gain Lofty mod.pngLofty mod

Gain Deerstalker.png Deerstalker

Gain a random Essence item
Chronos Rich
Two Spirits The dance of light and dark. All stages gain a random negative mod

All stages gain a random positive mod

Gain an uncharged Purify.png Purify
Cultist Symbiotic


Mythic Emblems are rarer emblems with special properties.

  • have specific drop conditions to obtain
  • demand specific artifacts to create the Beyond quest
  • unique quests with more predefined properties
    • Stage Mods are always the same
    • a specific boss is guaranteed, not more likely
  • guaranteed unique divine item unlock

They still have levels with the usual token and artifact costs.

Image Name Divine Level Obtain
Computer Simulation Brain in a Vat.png Brain in a Vat Lv1 Defeat Superego
Elemental Triumvirate Unstable Compound.png Unstable Compound Lv1 Spawning all elemental auras in the Tribe
Original Sin Pound of Flesh.png Pound of Flesh Lv1 Eating an Apple in the Garden
Pumpkin Patch Bone Baton.png Bone Baton Lv1 Spooking a Spooker in the Graveyard
Dread Harvest Leeches.png Leeches Lv2 Killing a Harbinger in the Rapture
Sky Song Lyre.png Lyre Lv2 Playing a Lyre in the Skies
Spawn of Satan Garlic.png Garlic Lv2 Spawning a monster using Pentagram in the Womb
The Boneyard Cudgel.png Cudgel Lv2 Burying Bones in the Graveyard
Tide Jewel Bubble Wrap.png Bubble Wrap Lv2 Fishing in the Ocean


  • v1.59 Increased the droprate of Mythic Emblems by about 25%
  • v1.58
    • All Mythic Emblems now enforce specific sets of stage mods
    • Mythic Emblem bosses are now guaranteed rather than likely