Endless Multiverse

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A quest mode that never ends.

Combined Stages

Endless stages can be combinations of two Stages from the normal quests. One stage name will changed to a related adjective. For example Dungeon becomes Prison, and Dungeon+Bloodway appears as "Prison Bloodway."

Both kinds of monsters will spawn and both artifacts will drop. The music will also be a modified or altered version.


Endless Multiverse quest will begin in Dimension 1, which is essentially a Hard mode quest with randomized combined stages. If you reach the metagate you can advance to the next Dimension level, which is new set of stages with the same character. In this way you keep playing the same quest forever. Once you die, your next fresh Endless quest starts on the highest Dimension level you had reached.

Higher Dimension level increases the difficulty tremendously. The number of monsters and stage mods can become extremely high.

Purchase the Black Hole for 1 Token to reset your Endless Multiverse to level 1.


Metagate Stage Select.png

The Metagate is a final stage in each dimension after the boss stage. It has few monsters and contains a special Dimensional Portal object. To advance to the next Dimension level you must click on the portal to make the sacrifice indicated. You can see the requirements by highlighting the special Dimensional Portal stage mod on the Metagate.


Dimensional Sacrifice Defense.png

Each dimension requires losing a small amount of max life, Defense, Coins or losing a large number of random Items.

Metagates after the first will also require a more extreme sacrifice intended to limit runaway success. You suffer ALL of the following:

  • Armor will be reset to default fortification
  • All mana will be drained
  • Lives, Revives, Defense and Coins are all throttled to specified small amounts

Dimensional Sacrifice Extreme.png