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Familiars are friendly Objects that fight monsters and collect loot for you.

Familiars will wander the stage and open hidden cells they walk into. Normal familiars die if they reveal a monster. Strong Familiars kill the monster instead.

Familiars do not collect Dark Hearts.

Strangers can be converted into Familiars by various means (the simplest being paying a Mercenary but certain items can make any stranger into a Familiar). Once a Stranger becomes your Familiar, it no longer obeys rules which apply to Strangers (so for example, a paid Mercenary will no longer generate Flares if the player owns a Friendly Fire).

Familiar Related Items

Image _pageName Description Cost
Banner [100 Mana] Spawn a familiar in target empty cell. 14 coins
Book of Necromancy When you bury [[Bones]], spawn a familiar in the same cell. 13 coins
Brainwash [60 Mana] Convert all visible monsters to familiars. 15 coins
Bugle [180 Mana] Spawn familiars on the visible cell or cells with the highest value. 24 coins
Chain Whip Your familiars move extra times equal to the length of your chain. You can powerchord any cell as long as the length of your chain is 6 turns or greater. 50 coins
Commander's Memento Start the next dimension with 1 extra life for each Familiar in the Metagate. 0 coins
Commander Doll Spawn familiars equal to your mastery charge cost when your ultimate ability is activated. 30 coins
Divine Banner [150 mana] Spawn a familiar in target empty cell, the value of which then determines the number of additional Familiars to spawn. 16 coins
Divine Bugle [130 mana] Spawn familiars on all visible cells of 3 or greater and pass a turn. 20 coins
Divine Muscle At the start of a stage, spawn a number of strong familiars equal to the minimum power. 14 coins
Divine Whip Your familiars move an extra space each turn. Whenever you gain a familiar, pass a turn. 11 coins
Heart Key Whenever you collect a heart, a random visible monster becomes your familiar. Whenever a familiar dies, spawn a heart. 17 coins
Kingmaker Every 20 cells opened without making a mistake, spawn a familiar then solve all cells near your familiars. 18 coins
Muscle Spawn a strong familiar at the start of each stage. 11 coins
Pan Flute Whenever you discover a 4 or greater, spawn a familiar. 32 coins
Patron Saint [20 Mana] Spend 5 coins on target stranger and convert it to a strong familiar. 7 coins
Pheromones Every 60 cells opened, if you have a least 2 Minions or Familiars, gain a Strange Egg. 14 coins
Ritual Chalk [200 Mana] Until you make a mistake, spawn a familiar in target empty cell each turn. 34 coins
Royal Glove Spawn a familiar whenever you collect a diamond. 30 coins
Shoulder Angel Whenever you restore life, spawn a familiar. Your familiars create a Sanctified trail. 25 coins
Shoulder Devil Whenever you make a mistake, spawn a familiar. Your familiars create a Cursed trail. 25 coins
Valentine Bow [400 Mana] Reveal target cell if it's not already open. If the cell has a monster, 200 mana is returned to this item and the monster becomes your familiar. 26 coins
Whip Your familiars move an extra space per turn. 14 coins
Zombie Paw Whenever a familiar dies, spawn a familiar. 17 coins
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