Firefly Mastery

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Firefly Mastery
Firefly Mastery.png

Tier I Burning cells do not hurt you. Each stage has burning cells equal to the number of stage mods plus 1.
Tier II Whenever you chord a burning cell, shoot a flare in a random direction.
Tier III [4 Charges] Shoot flares in all directions from visible burning cells.
Unlock I Unlock by having 10 simultaneous flares.
Unlock II Unlock II by having 20 simultaneous flares.
Unlock III Unlock III by having 30 simultaneous flares.

The Firefly Mastery is focused on burning cells.

General Uses

For the most part, the firefly mastery is mainly utility and trends towards a style of play where you try and create as many burning cells as possible since you aren't hurt by them. Ordinarily, this is done by creating flares to clear hidden cells faster.

Technique: Hidden Burning Cells

Burning cells can never have monsters in them. Because of this, you may be able to quickly another open area if you open hidden burning cells. It's a minor benefit but it can sometimes be useful, but it's good to remember that all hidden burning cells are safe clicks.

Uses for your Mastery Ability

Your mastery ability can either be used to solve unsolvable patterns by just burning through it with flares or to nearly finish an entire stage fairly quickly by just burning the whole stage once there are enough burning cells to spawn flares from.


  • v1.48 Rework
    • Firefly II has been rolled into Firefly I
    • Firefly II rework: "Whenever you chord a burning cell, shoot a flare in a random direction." (was "Stages have extra burning cells equal to the number of stage mods.")