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Flares are a projectiles that are destroyed on contact with objects and tiles. They leave a burning aura on the tiles they collide with which would kill strangers and monsters on those tiles. They also will infinitely loop back to the other side of the screen if they don't come in contact with anything.

Flare Related Items

Image _pageName Description Cost
Bellows Whenever you discover a 5 or greater, it gains Burning. Burning cells have a 5% chance to send a Flare in a random direction each turn. 31 coins
Divine Matchbook Pyros are more common. They will send flares in all directions. 30 coins
Fireball [100 Mana] Send flares in all directions from target visible cell. 34 coins
Friendly Fire Strangers send a Flare in a random direction each turn. 15 coins
Matchbook Pyros are more common. They will also send flares in the opposite direction. 25 coins
Pitchfork Whenever you collect loot, send a Flare in a random direction from the looted cell. 30 coins
Salamander Send Flares in all directions from the first cell you open each stage. 9 coins
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