Foam at the Mouth

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Foam at the Mouth
Foam at the Mouth.png
Lv2 Emblem
Effect All stages gain Frothy mod.pngFrothy mod

Gain Thought Bubble.png Thought Bubble

Gain Paragon Rod.png Paragon Rod
Boss Jailkeeper
Sigil Lv2 "Wonders"
Cost Token.png100 Tokens and 100 artifacts per slot

Foam at the Mouth is a Beyond mode Emblem.

"No such thing as too many bubbles."


Getting Paragon Rod.png Paragon Rod is powerful enough, let alone a free recharge for it every stage (and all other magic items). Well worth paying 1 life each, so long as you find a way to heal before you die.

The Thought Bubble.png Thought Bubble generates free loot to eventually use Paragon Rod on, if you can afford the life.

An heirloom might help get things started:

With a Mastery Glint: