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Learn the value of a cell without opening it. The gleaned cell may or may not contain a monster.

Glean Related Items

Image _pageName Description Cost
Divine Lantern [300 mana] Glean target hidden cell. If it's a 2 or greater, this item retains its mana. 15 coins
Fake Moustache Whenever you discover a 3 or greater, glean all nearby cells. 45 coins
Fireplace Every 30 turns, each stage gains a Burning cell. Glean cells near Burning cells. 40 coins
Frozen Helmet [3 Armor] All Frozen cells are gleaned. Fortify whenever a monster becomes frozen. 29 coins
Gumshoes [2 Armor] Every 30 turns, glean all hidden cells in a 5x5 area around the cell you just clicked on. 24 coins
Lantern [90 Mana] Glean hidden cells in target 3x3 area. 15 coins
Spy's Memento Start the next dimension with 3 extra lives for each gleaned cell of value 3 or greater in the Metagate. 0 coins
Spybug Glean all hidden cells near visible cells. 9 coins
Spy Doll Glean a random cell per mastery charge spent when you activate your ultimate ability. 30 coins
Walking Stick At the start of each stage, glean all hidden cells along the perimeter of the stage. 35 coins
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