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You must make a Guess when you don't have enough information to deduce a safe cell to open.

You "have to guess" when based on the clues every hidden cell has a chance of being a mine.

To "fail a guess" means you had to guess and made a Mistake.

Autosolver Mechanics

DemonCrawl has a minesweeper solving algorithm it uses to test if any safe moves are possible. This is also how the game builds Trusty mod.pngTrusty mod stages. The autosolver is not perfect. Even if the game can't see any safe cells for you to open, you may be able to find one with sophisticated logic. Likewise, the solver only uses conventional minesweeper clues. Additional information from DemonCrawl mechanics such as items can often inform safe moves that the game thinks are guesses. On the other hand, the autosolver also does not understand some DemonCrawl mechanics that conceal clues such as inconvenient Objects, sometimes forcing you to make an uncertain move when the game thinks you can find a safe one. It does, however, consider Frozen Aura cells and obscured cells.

In addition to local clues, near the end of the level the autosolver can also use the remaining monster count to deduce possible safe cells.


The Novice Mastery.png Novice Mastery reduces damage you might take from guesses.

Guess Related Items

Image Name Description Cost
Divine Brain in a Vat.png Divine Brain in a Vat [50 mana] Automatically discharges when you have to guess. 10 coins
Zeal of Hate.png Zeal of Hate Spawn a monster. If you have to guess, convert all visible monsters to Minions. 11 coins
Zeal of Love.png Zeal of Love Spawn a heart. If you have to guess, convert all visible hearts to souls. 11 coins
Brain in a Vat.png Brain in a Vat [80 Mana] Tells you whether you must make a guess to proceed. 12 coins
Ladybug.png Ladybug For a number of turns equal to your total mana plus 1, you cannot take damage from failed guesses. 16 coins
Emergency Rations.png Emergency Rations If you have to guess, gain a revive. If not, you die. 25 coins
Novice Doll.png Novice Doll If you have to guess when your ultimate mastery ability is activated, set your mastery charges to half full. 30 coins
Trump Card.png Trump Card If you fail a guess, activate your mastery's ultimate ability before taking damage. 32 coins
Abacus.png Abacus [200 Mana] If you have to guess, solve a random cell. Repeat until you no longer have to guess. 40 coins


  • v1.69 Autosolver now takes obscured and Frozen cells into account, and somewhat takes gleaned cell values into account
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