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A Heart.png Heart is an Object that restores 1 life.

You can't normally pick up hearts at full life, so they can be dangerous if they block a crucial number cell.

The Dark Heart.pngDark Hearts spawned by Bosses do not restore life, but do count as hearts for item effects.

Heart Related Items

Image Name Description Cost
Book of Ghosts.png Book of Ghosts Pick up hearts at full life to spawn 3 spookers. 0 coins
Fake Candy.png Fake Candy Spawn a Dark Heart every 10 turns. Whenever a heart is collected, increase the stage power. 0 coins
Dead Rodent.png Dead Rodent Hearts no longer drop. 1 coins
Candy.png Candy 25% chance to spawn a heart during the next 10 turns. 5 coins
Midas Glove.png Midas Glove Heart drops are converted to diamonds if you are not injured. 6 coins
Peach.png Peach Heart drops are worth 1 extra life. 8 coins
Mutton.png Mutton Guarantees one additional heart drop per stage. 10 coins
Zeal of Love.png Zeal of Love Spawn a heart. If you have to guess, convert all visible hearts to souls. 11 coins
Book of Combat.png Book of Combat Pick up hearts at full life to kill a random monster, revealing it if necessary. 12 coins
Book of Truth.png Book of Truth Pick up hearts at full life to solve a random cell. 14 coins
Surgical Saw.png Surgical Saw [80 Mana] Lose 1 life and spawn a heart on target empty cell. 14 coins
Resolute Horn.png Resolute Horn When you complete a stage, gain 2 souls for each heart you leave behind. 15 coins
Book of Necromancy.png Book of Necromancy Pick up hearts at full life to gain Bones. 16 coins
Iron Sceptre.png Iron Sceptre [150 Mana] Convert all visible heart drops into defense. 16 coins
Book of Defense.png Book of Defense Pick up hearts at full life to gain defense. 17 coins
Book of Spells.png Book of Spells Pick up hearts at full life to gain 100 mana. 17 coins
Heart Key.png Heart Key Whenever you collect a heart, a random visible monster becomes your familiar. Whenever a familiar dies, spawn a heart. 17 coins
Blissful Ring.png Blissful Ring 10% chance to spawn a heart whenever you pick up a coin. 19 coins
Book of Faith.png Book of Faith You are immune to omens. Destroy this item after 333 turns. Pick up hearts at full life to extend this effect by 50 turns. 19 coins
Book of Gold.png Book of Gold Pick up hearts at full life to gain 10 coins. 19 coins
Book of Maps.png Book of Maps Pick up hearts at full life to gain 1% pathfinding. 19 coins
Perfume.png Perfume Every 20 turns, spawn a heart. 22 coins
Leather Vest.png Leather Vest [2 Armor] Fortify by 2 whenever a Minion dies. Collect hearts at full life to gain a Minion. 25 coins
Blissful Amulet.png Blissful Amulet 20% chance to spawn a heart whenever you pick up a coin. 30 coins
Heart Rod.png Heart Rod [300 Mana] Convert all visible loot to hearts. 30 coins
Vampiric Blade.png Vampiric Blade [140 Mana] Kill target visible monster or stranger and spawn a heart in its place. 33 coins
Dark Amulet.png Dark Amulet Guarantees 3 additional Dark Hearts per stage. Collect Dark Hearts to restore 1 life and gain a random omen. 35 coins
Life Amulet.png Life Amulet Doubles your chance to find hearts. 35 coins
Archmage Sceptre.png Archmage Sceptre Whenever a heart is collected, duplicast your magic items. 38 coins
Queen of Hearts.png Queen of Hearts [200 Mana] Spawn hearts on visible cells in target 3x3 area. Convert any hearts that were already in this area into souls. 45 coins
Transcendence.png Transcendence Heart drops become souls. 50 coins
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