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Hero Trials are a recurring endgame quest. Each day, a new quest will be generated.


Beat the first dimension of Endless Multiverse to unlock Hero Trials.


Completing a hero trial awards the player with a prizebox. It contains several random rewards, which can include


Hero Trials are 16 Stages long, including both special and regular stages and the final stage containing a Boss. A hero trial on a given calendar date will share the following features for all players:

  • All stages (special or regular) will be the same
  • All stage mods for each stage will be the same
  • The global stage mods will be the same

Anything else will be randomised including loot and stage bosses.

If a player fails their hero trial, they can replay it as many times as they would like, trying again for better loot or a more manageable boss.

Global Mods

Hero Trial Social Flexrage.png

Hero trials have a unique feature, a set of "global" mods. These mods will apply to all applicable stages throughout the trial. These mods are reflected in the name of the trial and their effects can be confirmed with the help icon to the right of the trial's name. Trials always appear in the format "[Title]'s [StageOrMod] trial of [Condition] [Mod]" or "[Title]'s [StageOrMod] trial unto the [Title]". As a key:

  • Title - does not always appear but is almost certain to. See table below
  • Condition - see table below
  • Mod - see table below
  • StageOrMod - does not always appear but if it does, it will be one of the games normal Mods or the endless mode adjective describing a stage
    • If it's a mod, that mod will be applied at least once to all stages. It's possible for the same mod to be applied twice
    • If it's an endless adjective, all stages will be that stage

Following "[Condition] [Mod]", the trial may also include "and [Condition] [Mod]" allowing for chained mods. This is uncommon.

There are a number of special prefixes. If a mod affects a number of "things" (like "close x special stages", "spawn x sawblades"), that number will normally be a fixed value for the entire trial. A special prefix changes that number to the number associated with the condition. So for example, Foreclosure will <close 1 random special stage on [Condition]> but Malforeclosure will <close [Number of monsters] special stages on [Condition]>.

So tying it all together, if a trial was Shrimp's Toxic trial of Flawed Chromapain, the player would start with 1 fewer life, all stages would have at least one Toxic mod and making a mistake would harm the player for a value equal to the number of mods on the stage.


Title name Effect
Beggar No coin drops.
Bigbad Bosses have 3 additional boss mods.
Brother Quest contains an additional boss. (Will be present in stage 3, boss will be the same as final stage boss)
Chamberlain The final stage does not have a boss.
Champion Begin the quest with 2 extra lives. (Start with 5 max life instead of 3)
Collector Many monsters are shiny. (Shiny monsters drop legendary items)
Crone Begin the quest with 3 Omens.

(Player will start with 3 copies of a particular Omen. The item the game chooses is determined by the combination of favored or unfavored Omen Items in the player's codex. For a given Hero Trial the combinations will produce the same item for all players, but they will be different the next time Crone rolls around.)

Crook Item Shops only contain 1 item.
Dealer Bagmen are more common.
Demonlord Monsters cannot die.
Druid Begin the quest with 4 minions.
Elementalist All stages have at least 1 stage mod.
Explorer Begin the quest with the first 5 stages unlocked.
Infected Begin the quest with 10 cankers.
King You start with 20 coins.
Librarian Begin the quest with a research subject.
Looter Begin the quest with 3 Consumable Items.

(Player will start with 3 copies of a particular Consumable Item. The item the game chooses is determined by the combination of favored or unfavored Consumable Items in the player's codex. For a given Hero Trial the combinations will produce the same item for all players, but they will be different the next time Looter rolls around.)

Mage You gain twice as much mana.
Martyr You cannot have more than 5 max lives or defense.
Mentor Begin the quest with 2 mastery charges.
Metalworker Begin the quest with way too many Items.

(Player will start with 23 copies of a particular Passive Item. The item the game chooses is determined by the combination of favored or unfavored Passive Items in the player's codex. For a given Hero Trial the combinations will produce the same item for all players, but they will be different the next time Metalworker rolls around.)

Newbie Completing a stage does not charge your mastery ability.
Nihilist You cannot restore life.
Paladin Begin the quest with 3 defense.
Prisoner Your first 4 inventory slots are sealed.
Psycho Begin the quest with 10 sawblades.
Romantic Every stage has 3 guaranteed hearts
Ruler The final stage has 2 additional stage mods.
Seraph Begin the quest with an extra revive.
Shrimp Begin the quest with 1 less max life. (Start with 2 max life instead of 3)
Shopper Item Shops have 2 additional items.
Surgeon Double the amount of lives lost and restored.
Tokeneer Earn 30 tokens the first time you beat this quest!!!
Underdog Begin the quest missing half of your lives. (Start with 2 lives and 3 max life)
Warlock Begin the quest with two different Magic Items.

(The items the game chooses are determined by the combination of favored or unfavored Magic Items in the player's codex. For a given Hero Trial the combinations will produce the same items for all players, but they will be different the next time Warlock rolls around.)

Weakling Lose 2 defense at the start of the quest.
Winding Whenever you gain or lose pathfinding


Condition Effect
Beefy Whenever you gain max life
Blistering Whenever you take damage
Chained Whenever your chain length becomes 10
Crystal Whenever you collect a diamond
Costly Whenever you spend coins
Dominated Whenever you complete a stage with 15% or less monster density
Elemental Whenever a cell gains or loses an aura
Flawed Whenever you make a mistake
Innocent Whenever you open 50 cells without making a mistake
Inquisitive Whenever an effect solves a cell
Instant Whenever you start a stage
Legendary Whenever you gain a legendary item
Medical Whenever you restore life
Minimal If your inventory is empty at the end of a stage
Modular Whenever a stage mod is added or removed
Mortal Whenever the stage timer hits 1 minute (only the 1st minute counts)
Murderous Whenever a monster is killed
Optional Whenever you leave a special stage
Patient Whenever a status effect is completed
Peptic Whenever you consume an item
Perpetual Whenever you are revived
Pirated Whenever you open a chest
Professional Whenever you use your mastery ability
Revelatory Whenever a monster is revealed
Scrupulous Whenever your absolute morality becomes 5 or greater
Shattering Whenever your armor breaks
Skippable Whenever you pass 1 or more turns
Social Whenever you activate a stranger
Steel Whenever you gain defense
Threatening Whenever you discover a 5 or greater
Victorious Whenever you complete a stage
Unlucky Whenever you gain an omen


Mod Name Effect
Ages [On condition], pass 10 turns.
Answers [On condition], reveal 1 random cell(s).
Bondage [On condition], gain 1 minion(s).
Comradery [On condition], spawn (1?) stranger(s).
Construction [On condition], spawn 1 landmarks.
Cooties [On condition], spawn 1 canker(s).
Death [On condition], die.
Doom [On condition], spawn 1 harbingers.
Evil [On condition], spawn 3 monsters.
Foreclosure [On condition], complete 1 random special stages.
Fragility [On condition], lose 1 defense
Fulmination [On condition], blow up ? random cell(s).
Growth [On condition], gain 1 soul.
Highways [On condition], gain x% pathfinding.
Kinetics [On condition], gain 30 mana.
Lacerations [On condition] spawn 1 sawblades.
Legends [On condition], gain 1 random legendary item(s).
Loss [On condition], lose 1 random item(s).
Morals [On condition], gain 1 morality.
Opportunity [On condition], gain 1 random consumable item(s)
Pain [On condition], lose 1 lives.
Plunder [On condition], spawn 1 loot.
Posture [On condition], reduce the current stage's maximum power.
Quakes [On condition], destroy 3 objects.
Quarantine [On condition], seal 1 inventory slot.
Rage [On condition], increase the maximum power of all other stages.
Relief [On condition], restore lives equal to the number of stages you have completed.
Resolve [On condition], gain 1 defense.
Riches [On condition], gain 5 coins.
Scars [On condition], lose 1 max life.
Shadows [On condition], gain 1 random omens.
Taxation [On condition], lose 5 coins.
Trade [On condition], uncomplete 1 special stage(s).
Treason [On condition], increase the minimum power of the current stage.

Mod Prefixes

Special Prefixes
Prefix Name Effect
Bio Apply the player's lives.
Box Apply the number of chests opened.
Buncha Apply the player's item count.
Chroma Apply the number of stage mods.
Circum Apply the number of orbs.
Flex Apply the player's defense.
Forti Apply the leftmost armor durability.
Kinder Apply the number of familiars.
Luster Apply one-tenth of the player's coin count.
Mal Apply the number of revealed monsters.
Mini Apply the minimum stage power.
Spell Apply one-hundredth of the player's total mana.
Super Apply to the number of times the player's mastery has been activated, times 3.
Wise Apply the number of completed Stages.
Zone Apply the player's pathfinding.

Trial Prefixes

When having trial prefixes, it is guaranteed that you gain 100,000 points at the start of the quest, and you cannot gain point. However, you will lose points according to 1 of the following prefixes.

Special Prefixes
Prefix Name Effect
Hue Lose 100 points at the end of the quest unless you have an item from every category.
Low Lose points equal to your combined stats at the end of the quest.
Raw Lose 5 points whenever you open your inventory.
Time Lose points equal to time spent in stages.

Alternative Scoring System

In some hero trials, there may or may not be an alternative scoring system, unless mentioned inside the tooltip, and not mentioned on the global mods. This includes:

  • [On Condition], gain 10 points or gain points equal to <prefixes>. You cannot score points by any other mean.
  • Begin the quest with 100,000 points. You cannot gain points. [On Condition], lose 10 points or lose points equal to <prefixes>.


The Quakes modifier can crash the game if there aren't 3 loot objects available on the board to destroy (true as at version 1.4)


  • v1.66
    • Hero Trials now have a 1-in-3 chance to feature an alternate scoring system
    • Greatly expanded the Hero Trial effect pool
  • v1.65 New Hero Trial effect: "[...] equal to your pathfinding"
  • v1.64 Added Hero Trial effect related to monster density
  • v1.63 Added Hero Trial effect based on the number of times your mastery ability has been activated
  • v1.60 Added a few Hero Trial effects related to pathfinding
  • v1.57 Added a new Hero Trial modifier: Librarian - "Begin the quest with a research subject."
  • v1.41
    • Hero Trial leaderboards will now track cumulative first place scores (Winner Mode)
      • Leaderboard filters allow you to toggle between regular leaderboards and Winner Mode
      • Earn cosmetic rewards for achieving 1, 10, and 100 points in Winner Mode
      • We may perform seasonal resets for Winner Mode eventually - TBD
    • Hero Trial now rewards you with a prizebox instead of Tokens
    • Expanded Hero Trial effect pool
  • v1.06 Expanded the Hero Trial pool with 2 new effects

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