House of Santa

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House of Santa
House of Santa.png
Lv1 Mythic Emblem
Effect First stage gains

Second stage gains

Third stage gains

Boss stage gains

Boss Santa
Sigil Lv1 "Friend"
Divine Bag of Tricks.png Bag of Tricks
Cost Token.png10 Tokens
Icicle.png10 Icicle
Snowball.png10 Snowball
Mistletoe.png10 Mistletoe

House of Santa is a Beyond mode Emblem.

"Next stop: the North Pole!"


All stages have the Righteous mod.pngRighteous mod and the boss is Santa, so a method to maintain high Morality such as Marksman Mastery.png Marksman Mastery could be useful.

Drop Condition

Mythic Drop House of Santa.png

When you destroy a Snowball.png Snowball on a Hell Stage there is a small chance (~1/20 ?) you will obtain House of Santa.

You can generate mass loot with Watering Can.png Watering Can and destroy it with Dynamite.png Dynamite. The Astral mod.pngAstral mod may be useful to spawn more artifacts.

Alternatively, duplicate Soft Snow.png Soft Snow and pick them two at a time to create Snowballs.


Snowball.png Snowballs spawn during the Christmas event, making this a limited time access Emblem. It cannot be obtained out-of-season, even if you manage to meet the drop conditions by acquiring snowballs out-of-season and transferring them to a Hell stage.


  • v1.68 Fixed likely sigil drops for Holiday emblems. House of Santa is now "Friend" (was "Roving", which as a Lv2 word could never drop from a Lv1 sigil)
  • v1.66 Added