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Your Inventory consists of 24 spaces for Items. Additionally your equipped Armor slots are in the same interface.

Full Inventory

If you open an item chest with a full inventory, the item is not added and falls to the ground. Otherwise, if you voluntarily try to add an item to a full inventory, you get an error and it stays where it is (buying an item, picking an item off the ground). If something else tries to force an item into your full inventory, the item ceases to exist (items generated by item effects, triggers, status effects).

Inventory Related Items

Image _pageName Description Cost
Basilisk Eye [100 Mana] Solve a number of random cells equal your sealed inventory slots plus 1. 25 coins
Bindle Nomads are more common. You may right-click a Nomad to refresh his inventory for 3 coins. 25 coins
Blind Justice Whenever you gain an omen, destroy it as well as the first item in your inventory. 9 coins
Bubble Wrap [500 Mana] Bubble the last item in your inventory, as long as it isn't Bubble Wrap. 22 coins
Bust Spawners are more common. Whenever an inventory slot would become sealed, you have a 50% chance to negate the effect. 4 coins
Divine Dark Ink Destroy a random omen and lose lives equal to its position in your inventory. 5 coins
Divine Pound of Flesh Seal your last active inventory slot instead of taking damage. When you lose this item, unseal all of your inventory slots. 50 coins
Divine Time Capsule Gain 3 copies of a random inventory item. After 50 turns, lose all copies of that item. 17 coins
Heavy Burden Your inventory is considered full at half capacity. 0 coins
Medusa Head [400 Mana] Convert all visible strangers into spawners of the same type, then unseal an inventory slot for each stranger converted this way. 19 coins
Mucilage Hungry Plants are more common. You may right click a Hungry Plant to feed it the last item in your inventory. 17 coins
Padlock Every 50 turns, seal or unseal your entire inventory. 0 coins
Postbox [150 Mana] Spend coins to order a random item. After 10 turns, this item is added to your inventory. 15 coins
Quest for Necrosis After opening 100 cells without making a mistake, fill your inventory with Bones. 15 coins
Singing Bowl Whenever you pick up an item with a full inventory, clear your inventory and triple your stats. 14 coins
Soft Clay Morphs into a random item from your inventory. 13 coins
Transmogrify Randomises your inventory. 20 coins
Trash Bin [50 Mana] Lose an item whose position in your inventory equals value of target numbered cell. 11 coins

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