July 21, 2021 Patch

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Source: v1.77

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.77.

Patch notes

v1.77 Patch Notes Hi folks,

We just released a new content patch for DemonCrawl!

This update includes 6 new items, an engine improvement that allows us to create consumable items with targeted effects, several redesigned sprites and balance changes.

Also, you can now create parties in Arena by inviting people from your Steam friends list! This feature is still a work in progress, so you may need to be a bit gentle with it.

Patch notes 1.77.png{Clr

Full patch notes are below. Enjoy!

P.S. The Summer Event has drawn to a close. Thank you to all those who participated and provided feedback on the holiday mechanics!


New Features

  • The engine now supports using consumable items on target cells
  • New legendary item: Giga Health Potion - "When you gain this item, restore your life to max and gain 10 souls. When you lose this item, cut your max lives in half."
  • New consumable item: Fire Bomb - "Apply Burning to a 3x3 area around target cell."
  • New consumable item: Thunder Bomb - "Apply Electric to a 3x3 area around target cell."
  • New consumable item: Stick - "Reveal target cell. If it has a monster, kill it."
  • New consumable item: Flashbang - "Reveal quadrant around target cell."
  • New omen: Caustic Wand - "Whenever you target a cell with an item, take damage equal to the value of the cell."
  • Added option to change a few pronouns in toasts and other gameplay messages to female equivalent


  • Implemented party system (work in progress)

Quality of Life

  • Redesigned sprites for Rewards Card, Parasol, Gravedigger, Rainbow Dust, Nanobot and Drone

Balance Changes

  • Demon Seed buff: "Add a random stage mod to the selected stage. Then, gain souls equal to your number of omens."
  • Bomb rework: "Explode target numbered cell in a 3x3 area."
  • Ice Bomb rework: "Apply Frozen to a 3x3 area around target cell."
  • Most fish items are now targetable
  • Removed the word "magic" from the descriptions of items that adjust targetable item radius, as they can affect consumable items too
  • The status effect limit has been increased from 48 to 100
  • Increased difficulty rating of Double mod from 1 to 2
  • Excalibur Token Shop price reduced from 1000 to 600

Bug Fixes

  • Improved performance of Super Mana Potion