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A landmark is an Object that can be interacted with.

Like other objects landmarks hide cell values and block projectiles, and it can be hard or undesirable to remove them. Unlike monsters or Strangers, Landmarks are not alive and can't be killed. Landmarks can't generally be collected, although Wishpool, Meteorite and Obelisk do disappear if activated.



A sign is an object that when hovered over will give a general message like a gameplay hint or a joke, or a message that is specific to the theme of the current Stage.

By default they are an obstacle to gameplay, they may obstruct cell values and have no inherent benefit.

Signs can be destroyed by Flares and Burning. The Educational mod.png Educational mod spawns many signs.

One sign per run, weighted towards the end of the run, will give the player the message "BOSSNAME was here". This informs the player which boss will be at the end of their quest and can help the player prepare themselves, particularly with their choices in special stages.

Image Name Description Cost
Handaxe.png Handaxe Chop down signs. 10 coins
Secret Decoder.png Secret Decoder Learn the true meaning of signs. Each stage has an additional sign. 14 coins
Divine Bonfire.png Divine Bonfire [150 Mana] Burn target sign and gain 3 souls. 16 coins
Bonfire.png Bonfire [120 Mana] Burn target sign, then fully heal by passing a number of turns equal to your missing lives, restoring 1 life per turn. 18 coins
Directions.png Directions Gain 2% pathfinding whenever a sign spawns. 24 coins
Warning Sign.png Warning Sign [100 Mana] Spawn a sign on target visible cell, then move nearby monsters to random hidden cells. 29 coins



Obelisks can be activated to attempt their challenge. Each will ask you to open (15-30) cells within 10 seconds after activation. A random penalty for failure is listed upfront.

Possible Penalties:

  • Gain a number of Omens
  • Spawn a number of Cankers
  • Lose a number of Coins
  • Lose your first 2 items

You will gain a Tablet on success:

Image Name Description Cost
Tablet of Lairetam.png Tablet of Lairetam Gain a random artifact at the end of each stage, and a stack of 10 artifacts at the end of the quest. 0 coins
Tablet of Ne'kot.png Tablet of Ne'kot Gain a Token at the end of each stage, and 50 Tokens at the end of the quest. 0 coins
Tablet of Pyxe.png Tablet of Pyxe Gain 100 XP at the end of each stage, and 1000 XP at the end of the quest. 0 coins
Tablet of Yunnub.png Tablet of Yunnub Gain an Egg at the end of each stage, and open 10 Eggs at the end of the quest. 0 coins



Meteorites provide the player with Items in exchange for adding a stage Mod to all other stages in the quest, completed or not. When viewing the Meteorite's tooltip, the items provided as well as the stage mod that will apply to the other stages will be shown.

There are some limitations to what the Meteorite can accomplish:

  • The types of items provided by Meteorites are restricted to Passive, Consumable, and Magic items, excluding Omens and Legendary Items.
  • The stage mods that can be added to each stage purposefully excludes positive stage mods, such as the Shiny mod.png Shiny mod or Hidden mod.png Hidden mod.

Mystic Statue

Mystic Statue.png

Clicking a mystic status will hide all cells, restarting the level. This new level will have more monsters and a higher stage power, though items such as Rasp.png Rasp can alter these effects. If the player completes the new level, the statue will provide a stated bonus.

  • Reward: Gain (?-20) souls
  • Reward: Gain (15-20) defense
  • Reward: Gain (8-20) tokens
  • Reward: Gain (16-20) minions
  • Reward: Gain (?-300) coins
  • Reward: Gain 1 revive.
  • Reward: Destroy a random omen
  • Reward: Gain a Present.
  • Reward: Unseal all of your inventory slots.
  • Reward: Remove a total of (5) stage mods from unfinished stages.
  • Reward: Uncomplete all Item Shops

The new Mystic Statue stage will also have a better chance of generating rare loot, between +25 to +250%. Rare loot includes Tokens, Mega tokens, Artifacts, Emblems, Paints, Purple diamonds, and Dark chests.

In a Tunnel mod.png Tunnel mod stage, the new mystic statue stage level will be larger than the original. If the Mystic Statue contains another Mystic Statue, only the reward from the last statue clicked will be applied when the level is finally completed. No matter how many "layers" of statue the player has descended into, once a stage has been completed, they will not have to complete any of the other layers they have passed through. If a statue appears on a Boss level, the statue level will also contain that boss. For some reason, the Hungry Plant Stranger responds with "WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING?" if present when a statue is used but no other NPC acknowledges them.



Rewards players for opening cells without mistakes. Rewards include coins, lives, minions, mana, and Pathfinding.



Extends the range of targeted Magic items that target the barrel to the 5x5 area around it. Can also be clicked repeatedly to explode in a 5x5 area and cause the player to lose 1 life.


Spawner Waterboy Tooltip.png

Spawners look like a grey stone statue of a Stranger. It initially has a 10% of breaking. Activating it will spawn a stranger of its type and increase the odds of breaking by 10%. Whenever the spawner breaks, kill all visible strangers of that type. See Medusa Head.png Medusa Head.



Appears in Endless Multiverse and offers to take a random item from you. Future Vaults will display that item for you to take back. This allows you to transfer the item to a later dimension.


  • v1.63 Added pathfinding Wishpool
  • v1.57 The cell open requirements for Obelisks have been lowered from [20 to 30] to [15 to 30]
  • v1.50 Obelisk / Tablet total rework
  • v1.41 Added Barrel, Vault

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