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Your profile will level up as you complete stages. You gain experience based on your Score. XP boosters can be purchased for 5 tokens, or obtained as rewards for Beyond quests.

Level Up.png

Every level up awards Tokens, the primary progression currency of Demoncrawl. Reaching some levels also unlocks new profile Avatars and adds legendary items to the item pool.

Level-based Legendary Items

Level Legendary
3 Appetizer.png Appetizer
10 Hypertrap.png Hypertrap
20 Crystal Veins.png Crystal Veins
30 Sabertooth Amulet.png Sabertooth Amulet
40 Cleansing Bell.png Cleansing Bell
50 Hydra Tail.png Hydra Tail
60 Lightning Rod.png Lightning Rod
70 Arcane Barrier.png Arcane Barrier
80 Sphere of Influence.png Sphere of Influence


At Level 100, you may prestige at any time when you are not currently on a quest. Prestige resets a player's level back to 1, locking any previously unlocked level-based legendary items. A prestige counter will be added to the player's profile image and a prestige bonus will be permanently unlocked.

Prestige Number Bonus
1 Gain 1-4 tokens per level
2 Gain 2-4 tokens per level
3 Gain another Daily Mission slot
4 Gain 2-5 tokens per level
5 Gain 3-5 tokens per level
6 Small chance to find a Glint when you level up
7 Gain 3-6 tokens per level
8 Gain 4-6 tokens per level
9 Starponds will have an additional item for sale
10 Small chance to find XP Boost each time you level
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AuraStage Mods
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