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For a number of turns, you cannot activate this magic item. It cannot gain nor lose Mana.

Used to slightly restrict powerful items that can allow you to instantly solve stages, or repeat the same stage.

The Boss Mod profane applies manalock.

Manalock Related Items

Image Name Description Cost
Profane Staff.png Profane Staff Whenever you collect a diamond, manalock a random magic item for a number of turns equal to its mana cost. 0 coins
Blueberry.png Blueberry Duplicast your magic items, then manalock them for 20 turns. 14 coins
Divine Jack-o-Lantern.png Divine Jack-o-Lantern [300 Mana] Reveal target cell, then manalock for 50 turns. Expand the radius of this item by your number of omens. 25 coins
Divine Mirror.png Divine Mirror [500 Mana] Use all of your consumable items without losing them. Manalock for 50 turns. 25 coins
Chaos Portal.png Chaos Portal [400 Mana] Uncompletes or unlocks a random stage. Manalock for 50 turns. 30 coins
Magic Smoke Bomb.png Magic Smoke Bomb [200 Mana] Exit the current stage without completing. Manalock for 20 turns. 30 coins
Mirror.png Mirror [120 Mana] Randomly use one of your consumable items without losing it. Manalock for 40 turns. 32 coins
Master's Degree.png Master's Degree [400 Mana] Activate your mastery's ultimate ability, then manalock for 100 turns. 40 coins
Flying Carpet.png Flying Carpet [100 Mana] Gain 20% pathfinding and manalock for 100 turns. Lose the same amount of pathfinding after 100 turns. 44 coins
Ouroboros.png Ouroboros [500 Mana] Swap the selected stage's monster count with its maximum power. Manalock for 50 turns. 90 coins
Dreamborne.png Dreamborne [1000 Mana] Complete the current stage. Manalock for 100 turns. 100 coins
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