March 23, 2021 Patch

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Source: v1.70 Patch Notes

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.70.

Patch notes

v1.70 Patch Notes Hypnotist mastery, new boss, 15 items! Hi folks,

We just released a big update for DemonCrawl that includes a new mastery called Hypnotist, the fierce Scrapper boss, and 15 new items!

(After a lengthy conversion process, DemonCrawl is now running on GameMaker v2.3. This is a requirement for getting our iOS port approved on the App Store - you can read more about the situation here. We plan to re-submit DemonCrawl to Apple's review team in the next couple days.)

Let's take a look at some of the new content in v1.70!


Patch notes 1.70.png

When making a mistake as the Hypnotist, you won't receive damage right away - instead, you'll get a 3-turn status counter, giving you time to either mitigate the attack or brace for impact.

Hypnotist also has the ability to lengthen status effect counters. This pairs well with the delayed damage mechanic, but also has great combo potential with status-based items like Candy.png Candy or Truthsayer Quill.png Truthsayer Quill.


Now, help us give a warm welcome to the newest member of DemonCrawl's boss lineup:

Patch notes 1.70b.png

Scrapper will load up your inventory with "Junk," a new omen that itself produces more Junk. Things can quickly spiral out of control, putting you in danger of taking 1 damage every turn if you can't free up some space!


Finally, we have added 15 new items to DemonCrawl, many of which were directly inspired by suggestions we received on Discord!

Among these items are two complete sets of armor, Bubble and Vampiric Armor. Here's a closer look at the former:

Patch notes 1.70c.png

As you can imagine, Waterboy is pretty stoked about this...

Full patch notes below. Enjoy!


New Features

  • Upgraded GameMaker runtime to v2.3
  • Upgraded tweening library to latest version
  • New mastery: Hypnotist.png Hypnotist - "Use the power of hypnosis to delay monster damage and manipulate your status effects!"
  • New boss: Scrapper - "Drowns you in Junk!"
  • New magic item: Apple Bonsai.png Apple Bonsai - "[50 Mana] After 40 turns, gain an Apple." (Suggested by community - attribution pending)
  • New passive item: Hypnowatch.png Hypnowatch - "Delay monster damage by 1 turn." (Suggested by community - attribution pending)
  • New passive item: Wishing Coin.png Wishing Coin - "Guarantees 3 Wishpools per stage. You may right-click to throw this item into a Wishpool, increasing its charges by 5."
  • New passive item: Baseball Bat.png Baseball Bat - "You may click a projectile to rotate its direction of travel, clockwise." (Suggested by player LL99)
  • New passive item: Dentures.png Dentures - "Elders are more common. You may right click an Elder to charge your mastery instead." (Suggested by player elmarhoppieland)
  • New consumable item: Starfruit.png Starfruit - "Apply Ethereal to the visible cell or cells with the highest value." (Suggested by community - attribution pending)
  • New consumable item: Butter.png Butter - "Drop all of your items on the ground."
  • New armor: Vampiric Helmet.png Vampiric Helmet - "Fortify by 2 whenever you lose life."
  • New armor: Vampiric Chestplate.png Vampiric Chestplate - "Whenever you lose life, fortify by triple the amount lost."
  • New armor: Vampiric Boots.png Vampiric Boots - "Every 40 cells opened, lose life equal to the value of the cell you just clicked, then fortify by twice the amount."
  • New armor: Bubble Helmet.png Bubble Helmet - "Fortify whenever you pop a bubble. If this armor survives damage, bubble it."
  • New armor: Bubble Chestplate.png Bubble Chestplate - "Fortify whenever you pop a bubble."
  • New armor: Bubble Boots.png Bubble Boots - "Every 50 cells opened, bubble all of your armor if you just clicked on a 3 or greater."
  • New omen: Junk.png Junk - "Every 100 turns, gain Junk."
  • New omen: Mildew.png Mildew - "Bubble the first 3 items in your inventory. When you pop a bubble, destroy its contents."
  • New stage mod: Galvanized mod.pngGalvanized mod - "Whenever you gain or lose a stat, increase the amount gained or lost by the number of stage mods."
  • New boss mod: Necromantic - "50% chance to spawn a monster whenever a monster is killed."
  • New paint: Whiteout
  • New paint: Blueberry Buzz
  • Improved flexibility of "PRE_DMG" trigger
  • Improved flexibility of stranger activation script; items like Sledgehammer will now synergize with items like Merchant Amulet

Quality of Life

  • Prophet.png Prophet III will state your new token count in the activation toast
  • Added toast notifications for petting your Pet Rock.png Pet Rock
  • Status effects will now display held values next to their tooltip
  • Status effects will be more resilient to future updates

Balance Changes

  • Scholar.png Scholar I now activates Quest for Quests.png Quest for Quests rather than adding it to your inventory
  • Knight.png Knight III buff: "Fortify all of your armor by 3."
  • Divine Forge Hammer.png Divine Forge Hammer buff: "Fortify each armor by 100% of its current durability. If you are not wearing armor, gain 3 defense instead."
  • Diamond Helmet.png Diamond Helmet price increased from 30 to 50, armor increased from 5 to 8
  • Diamond Chestplate.png Diamond Chestplate price increased from 60 to 70, armor increased from 9 to 14
  • Diamond Boots.png Diamond Boots price increased from 20 to 30, armor increased from 3 to 6

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Book of Necromancy.png Book of Necromancy not triggering
  • Fixed a couple crashes related to generating a Classic stage with skins like Metagate
  • Fixed a rare crash related to getting kicked out of a stage while opening a Time Chest
  • Workaround for rare cash related to Pure boss mod
  • Fixed Knight.png Knight II not differentiating between armor removal and armor destruction
  • Fixed morality not resetting properly between Endless Multiverse dimensions
  • Fixed final stage check not working in Endless Multiverse for some effects like Protagonist.png Protagonist I
  • Fixed missing Detective.png Detective string for Guides
  • Fixed Plum.png Plum status effect not taking divine item radius into account
  • Fixed a few "discover a 5 or greater" effects not triggering on values above 5
  • Linux: added a trailing slash to script which should fix launch problems on some distros
  • Mobile: fixed "Instant Revive" MTX appearing in higher difficulties

Hotfix #1 @ 2:55 PM EST -

Fixed crash related to Hypnotist unlock.

Hotfix #2 @ 7:35 PM EST -

Fixed an issue related to Thought Bubble.png Thought Bubble and a potential crash related to Treasure Key.png Treasure Key.