Miracle Seed

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Miracle Seed
Miracle Seed.png
Description Increase the size of the selected stage.
Category Consumable
Cost 5 coins

When used on the stage select screen, Miracle Seed will make the stage slightly larger. The larger a stage already is, the greater the effect. Since the number of monsters are not affected by this item, miracle seed only introduces additional 0-value cells which potentially makes a stage easier to solve. Using either the regular or divine version of this item will increase your Morality by 1.

Divine Miracle Seed
Divine Miracle Seed.png
Description Massively increase the size of selected stage.
Category Consumable
Cost 10 coins
Source Poppy.png Poppy
(Divine Items)
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  • Cactus.png 3 Cactus (Desert stage)
  • Star.png 2 Star (Galaxy stage)
  • Teardrop.png 1 Teardrop (Delta stage)


  • Sapling.png Sapling has a 50% chance to produce one of these every 50 cells opened.
  • You can use this item on locked stages, meaning that you can compound its effects further off in the future if you have a reliable source of them, or just use it to free up your inventory if you want to have a larger boss stage.