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Description [120 Mana] Randomly use one of your consumable items without losing it. Manalock for 40 turns.
Category Magic
Cost 32 coins

Mirror is a magic item that duplicates the effect of a random consumable item.

If you have only one consumable, mirror effectively makes it a reusable magic item.

Mirroring Morning Glory.png Morning Glory removes 30 turns of manalock from other magic items, then the Mirror gains its 40 manalock. So, passing unlimited turns requires at least three Mirrors. You also need a substantial source of mana per turn, such as some Ethereal cells.

Enchanting Rune.png Enchanting Rune will double the Mirror activation--and also the Manalock.

Divine Mirror
Divine Mirror.png
Description [500 mana] Use all of your consumable items without losing them. Manalock for 50 turns.
Category Magic
Cost 25 coins
Source Shard.png Shard
(Divine Items)
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  • Shard.png 10 Shard (Glass stage)



  • v1.50 Fixed Mirror manalocking itself for 30 turns instead of 40
  • v1.48 Mirror now has 40-turn manalock after use