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Morality is a number.

In each quest, your morality starts at 0. Actions that are considered "good" and "bad" add or subtract from this score. Certain items and effects change based on having a high or low morality score.

You are considered moral, immoral, or amoral when your morality is positive, negative or 0, respectively. Your "absolute morality" is the size of your morality (its absolute value), positive or negative. For example a morality of -10 has an absolute morality of 10.

The Human Mastery.png Human Mastery is based around morality.

Morality Profile.png

Hovering your profile avatar will show your morality stat.

Moral Actions

Moral Actions
Action Morality Change
Kill 3 monsters +1
Pay a Priest.png Priest +1
Lose an omen +1
Gain a legendary +1
Create a Sanctified aura +1
Learn the Exorcist Mastery.png Exorcist Mastery +3
Learn the Protagonist Mastery.png Protagonist Mastery +3
Use Miracle Seed.png Miracle Seed +1
Use Halo.png Halo +3
Pay a Nomad +?
Feed a hungry plant +2
Get a Charitable award +1 for each 5xp
Give a gift during the Christmas Event +1
Snowman.png Snowman gives you morality +5
Immoral Actions
Action Morality Change
Kill a stranger -3
Pay a Bagman.png Bagman -1
Gain an omen -1
Lose a legendary -1
Create a Cursed aura -1
Learn the Witch Mastery.png Witch Mastery -3
Use Demon Seed.png Demon Seed -1
Consume Alcohol.png Alcohol -1
Consume Drugs.png Drugs -1
Use Witch Hat.png Witch Hat -1
Use Pursecutter.png Pursecutter to rob a stranger -1
Use Thief Bag.png Thief Bag -1
Use Bandana.png Bandana to steal -1
SANTA.png Santa boss -variable

Morality Related Items

Image Name Description Cost
Bag of Coal.png Bag of Coal [100 Mana] Automatically discharges when you lose morality. Gain Coal, then apply Burning to a random cell for each Coal you have. 0 coins
Coal.png Coal You cannot gain morality. Whenever you lose morality, you get burnt. 0 coins
Human's Memento.png Human's Memento Start the next dimension with half of your morality. 0 coins
Raven.png Raven Every 200 cells opened, lose 1 morality. If your morality is -10 or less, lose 1 max life. 0 coins
Horoscope.png Horoscope If your morality is positive, lose a random omen. If you are immoral, gain a random omen. 10 coins
Stocking.png Stocking [150 Mana] If your morality is positive, gain a Present. Otherwise, gain Coal. 22 coins
Human Doll.png Human Doll Gain morality equal to your mastery charge cost when your ultimate ability is activated. If you are immoral, lose morality instead. 30 coins
Dove.png Dove Every 200 cells opened gain 1 morality. If your morality is 10 or greater, gain a soul. 31 coins
God Rays.png God Rays [250 Mana] Double your morality. If your absolute morality is 30 or greater, reduce stage power to 1. 32 coins
Excalibur.png Excalibur You can kill monsters and bosses if your morality is 30 or greater. Lose this item if you are immoral. 100 coins


  • v1.67b Every third monster killed will provide 1 morality (was 1 for 1)
  • v1.66 Mechanic added
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