Mutant Mastery

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Mutant Mastery
Mutant Mastery.png

Tier I Begin the quest with 3 Cankers that have Brainiac mutations. Learn about mutations by hovering a Canker with your inventory open.
Tier II At the end of each stage, each Canker gains a random mutation.
Tier III [3 Charges] Spawn a Canker, then activate your Canker mutations without destroying any Cankers.
Unlock I Unlock by completing a quest on Normal or above with 10 or more Cankers.
Unlock II Unlock II by completing a quest on Normal or above with 20 or more Cankers.
Unlock III Unlock III by completing a quest on Normal or above with 30 or more Cankers.

The Mutant Mastery is focused on Canker.png Cankers.

Mutant 10 Mutations.png

All of a Canker's mutation effects trigger when the Canker is clicked. As Mutant you still lose 1 life for clicking Cankers, unless they are Babyfaced.

Cankers can have many mutations at once, and multiple copies of the same mutation.


Img Mutation Effect
Mutation Babyfaced.png Babyfaced Negate the initial Canker life loss.
Mutation Blushing.png Blushing Spawn a heart.
Mutation Bold.png Bold 25% chance to kill a boss.
Mutation Brainiac.png Brainiac Solve a random cell.
Mutation Conjoined.png Conjoined Spawn another Canker.
Mutation Devout.png Devout Lose a random omen.
Mutation Drooling.png Drooling Gain 100 mana.
Mutation Gilded.png Gilded Gain 5 coins.
Mutation Hairy.png Hairy Relocate all visible objects.
Mutation Lumpy.png Lumpy Reduce the stage power by 1.
Mutation Neckbolts.png Neckbolts Gain 1 defense.
Mutation Radioactive.png Radioactive Activate a random consumable effect.
Mutation Seadog.png Seadog Spawn a chest.
Mutation Three-eyed.png Three-eyed Reveal 3 monsters.
Mutation Tongued.png Tongued Spawn a stranger.
Mutation Wild.png Wild Gain a Minion.
Mutation Wise.png Wise Duplicast a magic item.