November 01, 2020 Patch

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Source: v1.64 Patch Notes

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.64.

Patch notes

v1.64 Patch Notes Hi folks,

DemonCrawl's Halloween Event has officially ended! We hope you enjoyed the spooky festivities and managed to avoid the sharp end of Maniac's cleaver.

Now that things are returning to normal (Maniac was prosecuted for his crimes and hauled off to a federal supermax prison somewhere) we have released a new content patch that includes 5 exciting stage mods, 6 new items, and a big rework for Demolitionist Mastery.png Demolitionist Mastery II.

Patch notes 1.64 1.png

We have also updated the stage completion logic such that you no longer have to open Burning cells to achieve victory. This is an important change for specific stage mod combinations such as Nightmare mod.pngNightmare mod + Burning.

In other news:

Celebrate Day of the Dead with a new community-created avatar! Everyone will receive the Mrs. Calavera avatar for free over the next couple hours - no promo code necessary. Thank you so much to Cubear for creating this awesome cosmetic and for allowing us to distribute it to the entire community.

Patch notes 1.64 2.png

Full patch notes are below. Enjoy!


New Features

  • Halloween event is over (farewell Maniac)
  • New stage mod: Dumb mod.pngDumb mod - "Lose your mastery at the start of the stage. Gain your mastery at the end of the stage."
  • New stage mod: Lawless mod.pngLawless mod - "Kill a visible object whenever the sum of your chain is 20 or greater. At the end of the stage, visible objects attack you for 1 damage each."
  • New stage mod: Seismic mod.pngSeismic mod - "When you open half of all empty cells, relocate and unflag everything."
  • New stage mod: Psychotic mod.pngPsychotic mod - "Negate mistake damage. Visible monsters have a 3% chance to attack you each turn."
  • New positive stage mod: Feeble mod.pngFeeble mod - "Monsters have a 50% chance to flee instead of attacking you."
  • New passive item: Snake Skin.png Snake Skin - "At the start of each stage, drop half of your inventory on the ground."
  • New passive item: Blissful Gut.png Blissful Gut - "Right-click to consume the first item in your inventory and restore 1 life."
  • New magic item: Magnet.png Magnet - "Relocate the closest visible object to target visible cell."
  • New consumable item: Plum.png Plum - "Expand the radius of your next targetable magic item by 1."
  • New omen: Rocking Chair.png Rocking Chair - "Whenever your mastery's ultimate ability is activated, lose your mastery."
  • New omen: Glass Knuckles.png Glass Knuckles - "You cannot powerchord. Whenever you chord a 1, lose 1 life." (Created by Egg)
  • Added Nomad.png Nomad that sells Dolls
  • Added Hero Trial effect related to monster density
  • Added Mrs. Calavera avatar by Cubear (Day of the Dead reward!)
  • Added Emerald Knight avatar by Cubear
  • Added Emberflame avatar, adapted by Cubear

Quality of Life

  • Burning cells no longer have to be opened in order to complete a stage
  • Tweaked the appearance of a few stage mod sprites
  • Added board zoom support for several particle effects
  • The item pool is now re-filtered whenever your mastery changes, e.g. when you gain a tier 3 mastery from Academy
  • Updated Guardian Mastery.png Guardian Mastery II description for clarity
  • Android only: the mastery ultimate ability is now activated with longtap

Balance Changes

  • Demolitionist Mastery.png Demolitionist Mastery II rework: "Whenever you complete a stage with 10% monster density or less, the next stage gains the Feeble mod."
  • Viral mod.pngViral mod rework: "If you're injured at the start of the stage, duplicate your omens. If you're injured at the end of the stage, the next stage gains Viral."
  • Guild Bond.png Guild Bond nerf: duration lowered from 100 seconds to 25 seconds

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Rainbow Trout.png Rainbow Trout not always counting Frozen Aura toward soul reward
  • Fixed an indexing issue related to Gnarled Branch.png Gnarled Branch
  • Fixed a crash that could result from abandoning a stage the same turn as dying
  • Fixed Barbecue.png Barbecue toast
  • Fixed Map Marker.png Map Marker activating twice for every cell of value 6 or greater
  • Fixed an issue with Lighthouse stage power option
  • Fixed a rare crash related to Radioactive Canker activating an item that involves inventory transformation like Present.png Present
  • Fixed Counter Chest deflecting damage even while locked
  • Fixed Hellstone Chestplate.png Hellstone Chestplate fortifying by 2 instead of 3
  • Fixed a crash related to activating Gumshoes.png Gumshoes status effect without opening a cell
  • Fixed Survivor I providing a soul instead of max life
  • Fixed a bug related to Infinite Journey unlock conditions
  • Fixed Dimensional Portal not resetting pathfinding correctly
  • Fixed a crash related to Cauldron.png Cauldron and Divine Shadowbind.png Divine Shadowbind
  • Fixed Dreamcatcher.png Dreamcatcher not capturing the guaranteed Detective stranger
  • Pathfinding cap is now evaluated when your mastery changes
  • Rainbow Dust.png Rainbow Dust can no longer be activated before monsters have spawned
  • Windy mod.pngWindy mod can no longer generate Mementos
  • Fixed a crash related to Divine Doomcall.png Divine Doomcall and Harbinger omen removal
  • Fixed cleanup issue related to Exorcist Mastery.png Exorcist Mastery
  • Fixed cleanup issue related to Liberated mod.pngLiberated mod
  • Fixed a few typoz
  • Speculative fix for a rare crash involving Human Cannonball.png Human Cannonball
  • Speculative fix for a rare crash related to selling a Sigil