November 13, 2020 Patch

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Source: v1.65 Patch Notes

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.65.

Patch notes

Patch notes 1.65.png

Hi folks,

We just deployed a DemonCrawl update that includes 10 new items, a flexible item tag system, a new special chest, and more! Check out the full patch notes below for more details.

We now plan to shift gears and begin working on one last special event for 2020 - we want it to be as big (or bigger) than our recent Halloween event, so we definitely have our work cut out for us! Also, we expect to release one more port this year. More news on that front soon.

Enjoy the patch!


New Features

  • Added flexible item tagging system
  • You can now search for items in the codex by tags
  • Added "Weapon" as a tag
  • Added Nomad.png Nomad that sells weapons
  • New passive item: Sage.png Sage - "Stages grant an additional mastery charge."
  • New passive item: Wisdom Tooth.png Wisdom Tooth - "Gain a mastery charge whenever you consume an item that isn't a consumable item. Automatically consume this item when you enter the final stage."
  • New passive item: Crucifix.png Crucifix - "Whenever damage reduces your life to 1, gain a revive."
  • New passive item: Battering Ram.png Battering Ram - "At the start of each stage, reveal all cells near visible cells and kill any monsters within." (Inspired by an idea from raisins77)
  • New passive item: Whetstone.png Whetstone - "Favor all weapon items. Whenever you gain a weapon, you can powerchord any cell for 5 turns."
  • New magic item: Essence of Motion.png Essence of Motion - "Gain pathfinding equal to one-tenth the sum of target visible 3x3 area, rounded down."
  • New magic item: Makeshift Weapon.png Makeshift Weapon - "[200 Mana] Reveal and kill any monsters in target area, then lose a random weapon. The radius of this item is equal to your number of weapons."
  • New magic item: Pufferfish.png Pufferfish - "[200 Mana] Automatically discharges when damage reduces your life to 1. Kill 20 random monsters."
  • New magic item: Dumpster.png Dumpster - "[100 Mana] Lose all items with a position in your inventory greater than sum of target 3x3 visible area." (Inspired by an idea from elmarhoppieland)
  • New consumable item: Breadcrumbs.png Breadcrumbs - "Gain 3% pathfinding. Solve all visible cells with a value equal to one-tenth of your pathfinding or less."
  • New special chest: Munition Chest.png Munition Chest - "Reveal a random monster then kill all visible monsters when you open this chest. It contains a weapon item."
  • New boss mod: Killer - "Take 5 damage at the end of the stage."
  • New Hero Trial effect: "[...] equal to your pathfinding"

Quality of Life

  • The Beyond recipe scrollbar will maintain its position between ingredient selections
  • Rare loot modifiers are now listed on the avatar tooltip
  • Mystic Statue.png Mystic Statue depth is now listed on the stage icon tooltip
  • Updated the particle effect on Wilds
  • Added term definition for "favor"
  • Added new color palettes for a few Stage Mods

Balance Changes

  • Firefly I buff: the extra burning cells produced by stage mods will always be numbered
  • Firefly II nerf: "Whenever you fully and correctly chord a burning cell, shoot a flare in a random direction."
  • Firefly III buff: reduced the charge cost from 4 to 3
  • Flying Carpet.png Flying Carpet nerf: price increased from 37 to 44 coins
  • Battery.png Battery nerf: price increased from 11 to 16 coins
  • Electro Pulse.png Electro Pulse nerf: price increased from 12 to 14 coins
  • Doctor.png Doctor buff: reduced upfront fee
  • Chorder's Password now caps at value 5 instead of 6
  • Chaos Font can now contain legendary items
  • Chaos Font can no longer contain items that cost less than 1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Minion.png Minion activation animation
  • Fixed a crash related to activating multiple Dreamcatcher.png Dreamcatchers
  • Fixed a crash related to Muscle.png Muscle and Divine Whip.png Divine Whip
  • Fixed a crash related to selecting the Oct 8th stage as part of a composite Classic skin
  • Fixed Blacksmith.png Blacksmith progress not saving to disk properly
  • Fixed a couple missing Detective Mastery.png Detective Mastery toasts
  • Fixed a crash related to Trash Bin.png Trash Bin trashing itself
  • Fixed an incompatibility between Dreamborne.png Dreamborne and the Dumb stage mod
  • Fixed Canker.png Cankers losing their speed value if they were created and pacified on the same step