Novice Mastery

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Novice Mastery
Novice Mastery.png

Tier I Reduce your score by half. If you make a mistake on a necessary guess, reduce incoming damage to 1.
Tier II If you die with 300 or more points, revive and reduce your score to 0.
Tier III [1 Charge] Focus an area where you can make progress.
Unlock I Unlock by discovering a 4 or greater.
Unlock II Unlock II by discovering a 5 or greater.
Unlock III Unlock III by discovering a 6 or greater.

The Novice Mastery is focused on helping you survive and learn how to play, at the cost of Score.

Novice only costs 1/2/3 tokens to buy in the Token.pngToken shop, ten times less than the other Masteries.