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An object is anything on the stage that can be on an empty space, ranging from coins to monsters.


Objects you can click on to collect.

  • Coin.png Coin: Increases coin count by 1.
  • Token.png Token: Increases token count by 1.
  • Mega Token.png Mega Token: Increases token count by 10 to 30.
  • Diamond.png Diamond: Increases coin count by 5.
  • Purple Diamond.png Purple Diamond: Increases coin count by 25 to 50.
  • Chest.png Chest: Contains either an Item with a chance of including a blueprint or an artifact, or an amount of coins. The upper end of a chest's contents is influenced by the stage power so a higher power means potentially more coins or potentially better items.
  • Ally Chest.png Special Chest: Has a bonus effect when opened and gives items from a limited pool with a matching theme. Each type of Special Chests has a different icon.
  • Heart.png Heart: Increases the players life by 1.
  • Soul.png Soul: A grey heart that increases players life and max life by 1.
  • Dark Heart.png Dark Heart: An upside down black heart that empowers the boss/bosses on the stage.
    • Souls and Dark Hearts count as Heart pickups for the purposes of items which activate on Heart collection such as Leather Vest.png Leather Vest
  • Vestige.png Artifact: Used as a Crafting component for Heirlooms, also to activate Beyond stages.
  • Paint.png Paint: Used to color avatars and inventories.
  • Emblem.png Emblem: Used in Beyond mode for special challenges and rewards
  • Treasure Glint.png Glint: Used in Beyond mode to add a helpful effect to the quest
  • Bones.png Items somehow left or spawned on the stage instead of entering the inventory.


Nonliving objects you can interact with but not pick up. For details see Landmark.

  • Sign.png Sign: Displays a tip, joke, or a message unique to each stage.
  • Mystic Statue.png Mystic Statue: Increases loot rarity and triggers a new stage with increased monster count, offering a reward if completed.
  • Wishpool.png Wishpool: Grants coins or items when clicked, of increasing value based on the number of cells opened without making a mistake.
  • Obelisk.png Obelisk: Drops a tablet if an objective is completed before the stage ends.
  • Meteorite.png Meteorite: Gives player items or stats in exchange for adding modifiers to all stages.
  • Spawner.png Spawner: Spawn a Stranger. Has a chance to destroy all strangers of that type, which increases with repeated use.
  • Barrel.png Barrel: Spreads a targeted effect over a 5x5 area centered on the barrel. If a familiar touches a barrel, it will explode in a 5x5 area.


Living objects that want to sell you something. For details see Strangers.

  • Nomad.png Nomad: Sells mana, a magic item, a legendary item, or a random consumable.
  • Hungry Plant.png Hungry Plant: Consumes a certain amount of random items from your inventory for a present, coins, or mana.
  • Blacksmith.png Blacksmith: Will craft a random piece of armor of the advertised type (head, body, leg) in 7-15 turns.
  • Pyro.png Pyro: Fires flares in one direction, will rotate clockwise for a price.
  • Waterboy.png Waterboy: Shoots a bubble and rotates every turn, encasing any object that is hit inside of it. Can be paid to move one space, will not enter undiscovered tiles.
  • Mercenary.png Mercenary: Becomes a familiar upon purchase, will roam randomly and is strong enough to kill monsters.
  • Priest.png Priest: Removes an omen and sanctifies all other cells with objects.
  • Bagman.png Bagman: Empowers enemies by up to 3 points, can be bribed to bring down empowerment by 1 each time. Upon reaching 0, further bribes will lower enemy damage by up to 3 points (unless Baglord is in play)
  • Elder.png Elder: Activates your Mastery's active ability.
  • Mage.png Mage: Uses the effect of a specific targeted magic item on a random location.
  • Doctor.png Doctor: Heals you for a fee, then charges you another fee when you complete the stage.
  • Gambler.png Gambler: Pay him to move to a random hidden cell. If it has a monster he dies and you get all his money.
  • Harbinger.png Harbinger: causes a random negative event when the stage ends. Can be bribed to leave.
  • Scribe.png Scribe: Provides bonuses related to Heirlooms.
  • Guide.png Guide: Provides bonuses related to Endless Multiverse. Normally spawns in the Metagate.


Living objects that want to kill you. For details see Monsters.

  • Spider.png Monsters can drop bones and other items when killed. If a monster is shiny (glowing yellow), it will drop a legendary item when killed.
  • Monsters can't damage you after they've been revealed unless the stage modifiers or players omens say otherwise.


  • Objects obscure the cell values, unless you have Magnifying Glass.png Magnifying Glass.
  • Whenever a stranger is activated, their price increases.
  • Hearts are grey on certain boards. This does not cause them to act as Souls.
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