October 15, 2020 Patch

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Source: DemonCrawl's Halloween Expansion Is Now Available! v1.60 Patch Notes

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.60.

Patch notes

Hi folks,

Today's the day - DemonCrawl's second expansion, Halloween, is finally upon us!

It's COMPLETELY FREE and automatically packaged with the base game.

A ton of spooky new content awaits you, including the Maniac boss, 20+ time-limited rewards, new masteries, game-changing Special Chests and sooo much more.

To celebrate the launch, we are running a 33% discount on DemonCrawl for the next 7 days!

We will publish a couple follow-up posts very soon with more information about the seasonal Halloween Event (expected to run through Oct. 31st) as well as the standalone Halloween soundtrack, which you may purchase now at Bandcamp for $3.99, or receive a complementary copy by supporting us on Patreon!

For now, we'll just let the Patch Notes do the talking for us... Happy Halloween!


Halloween Event

  • Added Halloween flair
  • Collect Pumpkin artifacts and use them create a spooky new Beyond quest
  • Earn two limited-time divine items: Divine Jack-O-Lantern and Divine Bone Baton
  • DemonCrawl has been infested with Spookers, don't worry they're harmless
  • Complete the Halloween questline to earn 4 new avatars and a new inventory
  • Recurring mission: earn 1 Token every time you donate Candy to a stranger
  • 12 additional Halloween avatars are available in prizeboxes
  • New seasonal boss: Maniac - there's a madman on the loose, and he's going after the trick-or-treaters
  • New seasonal paint: Candycorn
  • New ultra-rare seasonal holograph: Autumn Leaves (only available in prizeboxes)
  • Added 6 original Halloween music tracks - soundtrack available for purchase now

New Features

Quality of Life

  • Added Divine-colored border around Mythic Emblems you have completed
  • Improved appearance of category sprites for Loadout and Options menus
  • Added log entry for armor damage mitigation
  • Added Twitter button to main menu
  • Guaranteed Harbingers that spawn from Apocalyptic mod.png Apocalyptic mod will show an icon on reveal
  • Added Blood Oil toast

Balance Changes

  • Lumberjack I buff: "Begin the quest with a Sawblade. You can toggle Sawblade phasing." (Phasing will disable orb functionality.)
  • Lumberjack II buff: Broken Sawblade requirement reduced from 100 cells to 50 cells
  • Protagonist I buff: "All legendary items are favored. Gain a random legendary item when you enter the final stage."
  • Protagonist II rework: "Whenever you gain a legendary item, gain a mastery charge. Whenever you replace a legendary item, increase the number of legendary items you can hold."
  • Firefly I buff: "Burning cells do not hurt you. Each stage has a numbered burning cell, plus a burning cell for each stage mod."
  • Guardian II rework: "You are immune to life loss outside of monster damage."
  • Undertaker III buff: "Reveal all cells near sanctified cells and apply sanctified to any monsters in those cells."
  • Barbarian III buff: Charges reduced from 5 to 4
  • Lowered Demolitionist II unlock requirement from 400 cells to 300 cells
  • Lowered Demolitionist III unlock requirement from 1000 cells to 800 cells
  • Overhauled Stranger drop tables
  • Increased the droprate of prizebox-only avatars
  • Slightly increased the droprate of divines in prizeboxes
  • Spawners now benefit from the Electric aura
  • Reduced the Token Shop prices of Trump Card and Archmage Sceptre by 100 tokens each
  • Chisel can upgrade chests into special chests
  • Slightly reduced the droprates of most sigil crafting materials
  • Dreamcatcher price increased from 5 to 10 coins
  • Priest buff: reduced the upper bound of his price from 50 to 40 coins

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed boss signs showing up in all Normal difficulty quests
  • Improved collision detection of orbs bouncing off walls
  • Fixed an issue related to entering windowed mode using the alt+enter command
  • Fixed an issue with Bubbler's Memento not preserving bubbles
  • Fixed a hardlock related to Fraudulent mod.png Fraudulent mod attempting to replace positive mods
  • Fixed an issue related to Beyond Ego not spawning under some conditions
  • Fixed Hydra Tail toast
  • Fixed Obelisks not advancing from cell reveal effects
  • Fixed "This Is Aurable" achievement unlocking on Steam but not in game
  • Fixed an issue between Paper Golem and Gold Digger
  • Fixed a few issues related to particle depth and cleanup routines
  • Fixed Guild Bond not activating on use of Mercenary
  • Fixed missing list icon on Mythic Emblem "guaranteed boss" text
  • Clarified wording on Punching Bag description for consistency
  • Cleaned up various project files, removed old assets
  • Removed remnants of Worldclay from the game (goodnight, sweet prince)

NOTE: Android release will be available by the end of the day, after any necessary hotfixes are implemented on the desktop version.


Hotfix #1 @ 2:52 PM EST:

  • Fixed Detective mastery unlock requirements
  • Fixed an issue with the Special Chest UI
  • Fixed a crash related to Bagman
  • Fixed missing Halloween stage description
  • Fixed missing Sky Net toast
  • Speculative fix for crash related to Bubbles - more testing needed here

Hotfix #2 @ 3:14 PM EST: Fixed missing Steam achievements related to the new masteries, no client update required. Currently investigating crash related to bubbles.

Hotfix #3 @ 4:00 PM EST: Likely fixed the crash related to bubbles. Please restart your Steam client to get the latest version.

Hotfix #4 @ 6:40 PM EST:

  • Fixed special chests always unlocking in the same order instead of random
  • Maniac boss can no longer spawn in Casual Mode
  • Fixed Spookers spawning while "create a profile" screen is open
  • Fixed a crash related to Wrecking Ball and bosses
  • Fixed Quest for Sin toast
  • Fixed leftover progress from Christmas 2019 event interfering with Halloween questline
  • Fixed a crash related to Blighted Totem and the Immutable mod.png Immutable mod