October 22, 2022 Patch

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Source: v1.88 Patch Notes

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.88.

Patch notes

Hi folks,

We just deployed a new version of DemonCrawl! This update includes the 2022 Halloween event, a ton mastery balance changes, several new items and more.

Full patch notes are available below. Enjoy!


Halloween Event

  • Expanded holiday questline with new avatar rewards - 11 missions in total
  • Questline avatars from previous Halloween events have been moved to prizeboxes
  • 2 additional avatars have been added to Halloween prizeboxes
  • When you donate the maximum amount of candy to a stranger, you will receive 10 Tokens instead of 1 for the final donation
  • New consumable item: Big Candy.png Big Candy - "50% chance to spawn a heart during the next 100 turns."
  • New magic item: [TOP SECRET]
  • New holiday paint: [CLASSIFIED]
  • New mythic emblem: [REDACTED]
  • Replaced Options screen music

New Features

  • New legendary item: Mana Signet.png Mana Signet - "Stages have additional Ethereal cells equal to the minimum power. When you complete a stage, gain 50 mana for each visible Ethereal cell." (Designed by Mythic Patron Emberflame ❤️)
  • New consumable item: Instant Familiar.png Instant Familiar - "Spawn a familiar on target empty cell and pass a turn."
  • New consumable item: Evil Container.png Evil Container - "Lose all of your omens. Get them back at the start of the next stage."
  • Added blueprints for Caliper.png Caliper and Liquid Gold.png Liquid Gold
  • Updated GameMaker runtime to the latest version
  • Added some easter eggs that most players will never notice :)

Balance Changes

  • Commander Mastery.png Commander III rework: "Convert your familiars into Instant Familiars."
  • Undertaker Mastery.png Undertaker II rework: "When using Bones, you can target any visible cell without an aura."
  • Firefly Mastery.png Firefly I rework: "Burning cells do not hurt you. Each stage has burning cells equal to the minimum power."
  • Firefly Mastery.png Firefly II rework: "Whenever you fully and correctly chord a 2 or greater, burn and reveal a random nearby cell."
  • Ghost Mastery.png Ghost I nerf: "Whenever you die, activate Ectodrop."
  • Ghost Mastery.png Ghost II rework: "Whenever you complete a stage in ghost form, revive with 1 life."
  • Ghost Mastery.png Ghost III rework: "Activate Ectoplasm and increase the amount of life you revive with."
  • Demolitionist Mastery.png Demolitionist II rework: "Increase the radius of all explosion effects."
  • Barbarian Mastery.png Barbarian II buff: "Whenever a stranger dies, activate Rotting Head. Whenever a Rotting Head expires, kill all visible monsters."
  • Barbarian Mastery.png Barbarian III rework: "Activate Rotting Heads equal to the number of strangers you have killed."
  • Survivor Mastery.png Survivor II buff: "At the end of each stage, gain max life equal to the minimum power if you are injured."
  • Knight Mastery.png Knight III buff: "Fortify all of your armor by 5."
  • Mutant Mastery.png Mutant III buff: Charge cost reduced from 3 to 2
  • Poisoner Mastery.png Poisoner III buff: "Consume all of your Poisons, activate an equal number of Spider Fangs, then gain Poison."
  • Detective Mastery.png Detective III buff: "Remove all visible monsters from the board and gain coins equal to their cell values."
  • Prophet Mastery.png Prophet I buff: "Increase your XP gain by 35%."
  • Bookworm Mastery.png Bookworm I nerf: Book of Love research subject changed from "heart" to "life"
  • Bookworm Mastery.png Bookworm III nerf: "Gain an item related to your research subject."

Bug Fixes

  • Undertaker Mastery.png Undertaker III and Commander Mastery.png Commander III can no longer activate before monsters have spawned
  • Fixed Sphere of Influence.png Sphere of Influence not affecting targeted consumable items
  • Fixed Plum.png Plum not affecting targeted consumable items
  • Fixed Ectodrop.png Ectodrop status effect lingering after reviving
  • Re-coded Mortar.png Mortar and Divine Mortar.png Divine Mortar to avoid crashes with large chains of explosions
  • Mrs. Claus Spawners can no longer appear out of season
  • Fixed an issue with old special event progress interfering with new special events