October 24, 2020 Patch

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Source: v1.63 Patch Notes - Halloween Pt. 2

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.63.

Patch notes

v1.63 Patch Notes - Halloween Pt. 2 Hi folks,

To kick off the second week of our Halloween event, we have just released a big DemonCrawl update that includes 36 new items, 2 Special Chests, a new special stage, and an item archetype called Mastery Dolls! Ohh yeah!

Additionally, we have made the Maniac boss a bit less maniacal, giving you more counterplay even in bad openings. Some players have asked if the Maniac is a permanent boss - we can confirm that Maniac is not a standard member of the boss pool and will be disabled outside of the yearly Halloween event.

Read on to find out more:

Patch notes 1.63.png

Full patch notes are below. Enjoy!


New Features

  • New Special Stage: Workshop - "Consume mastery charges to create mastery dolls"
  • New Special Chest: Elemental - "Apply random elemental auras to all cells in this column and row when you open this chest. It contains an 'aura' item."
  • New special chest: Mastery - "Gain 1 mastery charge when you open this chest. It contains a 'mastery' item."
  • New Glint: Geo - "Gain 5% pathfinding at the start of the quest."
  • New glint: Doll - "Gain your mastery doll at the start of the quest."
  • Added pathfinding Wishpool
  • Added Hero Trial effect based on the number of times your mastery ability has been activated

Quality of Life

  • You can now search for favored items in the Codex using the European spelling ("favour")
  • Updated toast for Immutable Meteorite
  • Updated toast for Surgical Saw with Guardian

Balance Changes

  • We can now filter out items from the start of the quest based on profile conditions (e.g. Battery and Doll items will not drop if you don't have a tier 3 mastery selected)
  • Maniac nerf: Dark Hearts will no longer spawn alongside the Maniac in your opening move
  • Maniac nerf: "Whenever the last visible stranger is killed, you die."
  • Pacifier price reduced from 40 to 36 coins
  • Golem prices increased from 30 to 35 coins (Blood Golem, Steel Golem and Paper Golem)
  • Hungry Plant's coin reward is now based on its item requirements rather than the stage power
  • Replaced Bones with Magic Bones in the Mage's droptable
  • Added various Dolls to Stranger droptables
  • Updated Fishing Pole droptable
  • Loosened requirements for Halloween Chest

Bug Fixes

  • Improved performance of item search script
  • Tweaked wall collision for enlarged orbs
  • Fixed Regal Chest conditions for blessing projectile
  • Fixed Punching Bag Simulator achievement requiring 4 consecutive attacks instead of 3
  • Fixed Babyface canker mutation
  • Fixed Stake's description which stated cells opened rather than turns
  • Fixed memory leak related to Deck of Cards
  • Added sanity check for writing to log file in case it was already closed


Community Shoutouts

We implemented several of your ideas this patch!

  • Added Grim Pump omen created by juh9870
  • Added Electric Eel omen inspired by NotAJumbleOfNumbers
  • Added toast ideas by Samario and Zapo


Note - Due to the size of this update, we're going to delay its launch on non-Windows platforms by a few hours in case there are any urgent issues that need addressing. Thank you for understanding!