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Omen items are one of five item categories in Demoncrawl.

There are 100 total omen items.

Omen items will give you a negative bonus while you're holding the item in your inventory, depending on the item you picked up.

Most omens cost 0 coins, except Dead Rodent at 1 coin.

Omens are set to an 11% drop rate from chests.

Image Name Description Cost
Ancient Evil.png Ancient Evil When you enter the final stage, lose this item and gain two omens. 0 coins
Ball and Chain.png Ball and Chain You will not discover landmarks. 0 coins
Black Rose.png Black Rose Every 20 turns, convert all visible loot to omens. 0 coins
Blackmail.png Blackmail When you would gain an item, lose this item instead. 0 coins
Bleeding Heart.png Bleeding Heart Whenever you lose life, lose the same amount of life after 50 turns. 0 coins
Blighted Totem.png Blighted Totem Every 50 turns, increase the power of all stages by 1. 0 coins
Blindfold.png Blindfold When you enter a stage, it gains a random stage mod. 0 coins
Blood Oil.png Blood Oil When you enter a stage, increase the monster count by 10. 0 coins
Book of Maths.png Book of Maths Randomizes all numbers shown in tooltips. 0 coins
Borrowed Time.png Borrowed Time Every 5 minutes, lose half of your lives. 0 coins
Brainsap.png Brainsap Lose 5 coins whenever a cell becomes unflagged. 0 coins
Broken Heart.png Broken Heart Your restore life effects are reduced by 1. 0 coins
Broken Mirror.png Broken Mirror 50% chance to negate item effects. 0 coins
Broken Rib.png Broken Rib Your defense is capped to the minimum stage power. 0 coins
Burnt Marshmallow.png Burnt Marshmallow Burning cells deal 1 additional point of life loss. Every 50 turns, lose your first consumable item and apply Burning to a random cell. 0 coins
Cardiac Arrest.png Cardiac Arrest When you enter a stage, set your max lives to your lives. 0 coins
Chastity Belt.png Chastity Belt You cannot gain max life. 0 coins
Cheap Imitation.png Cheap Imitation All legendary items are transformed into passive items that are worth less. 0 coins
Chromatic Choker.png Chromatic Choker Monsters attack additional times equal to the number of stage mods. 0 coins
Claw.png Claw Monsters have a 50% chance to attack an extra time. 0 coins
Closed Sign.png Closed Sign After you purchase an item from an Item Shop, immediately leave. 0 coins
Comeuppance.png Comeuppance Whenever you collect loot, spawn a Canker in its place. 0 coins
Contagion.png Contagion Chests have an additional 10% chance to contain Contagion. 0 coins
Dark Idol.png Dark Idol 50% chance to lose 1 life at the end of each stage. 0 coins
Divine Doomcall.png Divine Doomcall Each stage has an additional Harbinger. Pay a Harbingers to make its effect beneficial. 0 coins
Divine Shadowbind.png Divine Shadowbind When you lose this item, lose all of your other omens. 0 coins
Dizzy Stars.png Dizzy Stars Double the value of a random cell each stage. 0 coins
Doomcall.png Doomcall Each stage has an additional Harbinger. Harbingers activate an additional time. 0 coins
Doughnut.png Doughnut You cannot lose other omens. 0 coins
Earthblock.png Earthblock Stage mods cannot be created nor removed. 0 coins
Electric Eel.png Electric Eel At the start of each stage, all monsters on cells of value 3 or greater gain Electric. 0 coins
Empty Chest.png Empty Chest Stages no longer have a guaranteed chest. 0 coins
Extortion.png Extortion Lose a random item every 20 turns. 0 coins
Fake Candy.png Fake Candy Spawn a Dark Heart every 10 turns. Whenever a heart is collected, increase the stage power. 0 coins
False Lamb.png False Lamb Stages have two cursed cells for each of your omens. Monsters are empowered by empty cursed cells. 0 coins
False Map.png False Map Lose 5% pathfinding at the end of each stage. 0 coins
Faulty Bomb.png Faulty Bomb After 500 turns, this item will blow up and kill you. 0 coins
Fig Leaf.png Fig Leaf Unequip your armor. You cannot wear armor. 0 coins
Finality.png Finality You cannot be revived. 0 coins
Fool's Gold.png Fool's Gold Coin chests will instead steal your money. 0 coins
Frozen Asset.png Frozen Asset You cannot gain more than 1 coin at a time. 50% chance to apply Frozen to coin drops. 0 coins
Glass Knuckles.png Glass Knuckles You cannot powerchord. Whenever you chord a 1, lose 1 life. 0 coins
Glitch.png Glitch Spawn a canker. Your orbs move erratically. 0 coins
Gluttony.png Gluttony Whenever you gain a consumable item, use it right away. 0 coins
Gnarled Branch.png Gnarled Branch If you use a magic item, you lose that item. 0 coins
Golem Glove.png Golem Glove Coin drops are converted to monsters. 0 coins
Greedy Pig.png Greedy Pig Lose up to half your coins at the end of each stage. 0 coins
Grim Pump.png Grim Pump Whenever you gain an orb, increase size and speed of all orbs. 0 coins
Groupie.png Groupie Each turn you click on an empty cell, a random visible stranger relocates to that cell. 0 coins
Growing Pains.png Growing Pains Monsters deal extra damage equal to your number of omens. 0 coins
Heart Plug.png Heart Plug You cannot restore more than 1 life at a time. 0 coins
Heavy Burden.png Heavy Burden Your inventory is considered full at half capacity. 0 coins
Hellspire.png Hellspire When you enter a stage, triple its minimum power. 0 coins
Hobo Cap.png Hobo Cap When you enter an Item Shop, increase the prices. 0 coins
Hot sauce.png Hot sauce Lose 1 life when you consume an item. 0 coins
Infernal Scarab.png Infernal Scarab Whenever you discover a 6 or greater, lose 1 max life. 0 coins
Jester Hat.png Jester Hat Monsters always deal max damage. 0 coins
Leash.png Leash You cannot pan the board outside of view. 0 coins
Lycan Snag.png Lycan Snag Every 20 turns, convert all strangers into monsters. 0 coins
Manaboard.png Manaboard Every 10 turns, if it's possible to fully discharge a random magic item, do so and lose 1 life. 0 coins
Mark of Exile.png Mark of Exile You will not discover strangers. 0 coins
Melted Clock.png Melted Clock Triple the duration of your status effects. 0 coins
Mimic.png Mimic When you open a chest on a 1 or greater, take monster damage. 0 coins
Misgiving Eye.png Misgiving Eye Halves chance of finding loot. 0 coins
Morel.png Morel Cells provide 1 less mana. 0 coins
Mortify.png Mortify If you take any damage, for the next 10 turns any amount of damage will kill you. 0 coins
Mystery Meat.png Mystery Meat Your consumable item effects are randomized. 0 coins
Nervewrecker.png Nervewrecker Whenever a monster is revealed, your passive items are disabled for 20 turns. 0 coins
Overgrowth.png Overgrowth Spawn a Hungry Plant every 3 turns. You must pay 10 coins to feed a Hungry Plant. 0 coins
Padlock.png Padlock Every 50 turns, seal or unseal your entire inventory. 0 coins
Pennypincher.png Pennypincher You cannot find items worth more than 20 coins. 0 coins
Planned Obsolescence.png Planned Obsolescence Whenever you gain an item, lose it after 101 turns. 0 coins
Poison.png Poison Every 60 turns, you lose 1 life. 0 coins
Poltergeist.png Poltergeist When you enter a stage, spawn a number of cankers equal to the minimum power. 0 coins
Price Gouger.png Price Gouger Item Shop prices are unknown. 0 coins
Profane Staff.png Profane Staff Whenever you collect a diamond, manalock a random magic item for a number of turns equal to its mana cost. 0 coins
Quest for Sin.png Quest for Sin After opening 100 cells without making a mistake, lose this item and gain 4 omens. 0 coins
Rocking Chair.png Rocking Chair When your mastery's ultimate ability is activated, lose your mastery. 0 coins
Shadowbind.png Shadowbind If you lose this item, you also lose 5 lives. 0 coins
Sky Net.png Sky Net Whenever you discover a cell of value 5 or greater, destroy a random orb. 0 coins
Smog.png Smog Every 150 turns, exit the current stage without completing. 0 coins
Soulsludge.png Soulsludge Every 80 turns, you lose 1 max life. 0 coins
Splintering Wand.png Splintering Wand Targeted magic items affect random cells. 0 coins
Spooky Doll.png Spooky Doll Probably not even cursed. 0 coins
Stake.png Stake Whenever you open 50 cells without making a mistake, double the stage power. 0 coins
Stinging Nettle.png Stinging Nettle Take 1 damage whenever you gain an item. 0 coins
Stolen Relic.png Stolen Relic Whenever you open a chest, you are afflicted with a random curse. 0 coins
Tangleweed.png Tangleweed When you enter a stage at full life, it has a 50% chance to gain the <span style="white-space: nowrap;">Double mod.pngDouble mod</span>. 0 coins
Tapeworm.png Tapeworm Whenever you restore life, lose 1 max life. 0 coins
Tattered Flag.png Tattered Flag Every 10 turns, take 1 damage for each cell that is incorrectly flagged. 0 coins
Taxes.png Taxes Whenever you spend coins, lose an equal amount of coins. 0 coins
Tear Gas.png Tear Gas Cell values are unknown. Lose this item after 3 turns. 0 coins
The Devil's Share.png The Devil's Share You must pay 5 coins to open chests. 0 coins
The Joker.png The Joker If you use a magic item to target visible cells with a sum of 13 or greater, you lose. 0 coins
The Plague.png The Plague Omens everywhere. 0 coins
Thresher.png Thresher Whenever you gain an item, destroy another item of the same type. 0 coins
Tofu.png Tofu Negate meat items. 0 coins
Tongue of Dog.png Tongue of Dog You cannot interact with strangers. 0 coins
Underwing.png Underwing Every 40 turns, lose a random item and gain a random omen. 0 coins
Venomancy.png Venomancy When you target a cell with a magic item, it gains Toxic. When you complete a stage, lose 1 max life for each Toxic cell of value 5 or greater. 0 coins
Wanted Poster.png Wanted Poster The next time you would lose lives, lose triple the amount and lose this item. 0 coins
Witch Doll.png Witch Doll Gain an omen for every 2 mastery charges spent when you activate your ultimate ability. 0 coins
Wrecking Ball.png Wrecking Ball Every 10 seconds, destroy a random visible object. 0 coins
Dead Rodent.png Dead Rodent Hearts no longer drop. 1 coins