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Orbs will slowly move around the screen, bouncing when they reach the edge. They can be interacted with by left-clicking on them. Orbs will remain on screen until they are interacted with, persisting across stages and even into menus and shops. They come in two types.



Bubbles are seemingly good orbs. If something on the field can generate a bubble, it will be launched as a projectile and will stop when it hits a solid object on a visible cell. The object will then be encased in a bubble and begin to move around the screen. Clicking on the bubble when it is hovering over an unoccupied cell will pop the bubble and release the object. Any object can be placed in a bubble including Strangers, Landmarks, monsters, loot, and items. If a Waterboy spawns, it is not uncommon for them to encase themselves in a bubble.

Bubbles are particularly useful for smuggling items in Endless Multiverse, for moving good strangers (particularly pyros) into new stages or better positions and keeping a reserve of accessible hearts for emergencies.

If the player has a number of Waterboys on the field, the play area can quickly become very difficult to see. Bubbles are beneficial but can be a minor hassle.



Cankers are bad orbs, black with red detailing. A canker will remove one life from the player when clicked on. Cankers will generally slow the player down as choosing when to click to solve cells becomes a concern. If the player is about to end the level but has unused hearts available, removing outstanding cankers is a good use for them.



Sawblades are destructive orbs that directly interact with stage objects, not the player cursor. Sawblades have a number attached to them. When the number hits 1, the sawblade will flash red and at 0, they will explode with a fairly wide radius. In normal circumstances, a sawblade will reduce their number by 1 when they collide with Strangers, Loot, items, Landmarks or monsters. This will destroy the item the sawblade collided with.

Orb items

These items affect all orbs. See the individual orb pages for their specific items.

Image Name Description Cost
Glitch.png Glitch Spawn a canker. Your orbs move erratically. 0 coins
Grim Pump.png Grim Pump Whenever you gain an orb, increase size and speed of all orbs. 0 coins
Lumberjack's Memento.png Lumberjack's Memento Spawn a Sawblade at the start of the next dimension and set its lifespan equal to the number of orbs you had. 0 coins
Sky Net.png Sky Net Whenever you discover a cell of value 5 or greater, destroy a random orb. 0 coins
Bullet Time.png Bullet Time Projectiles and orbs travel slowly. 11 coins
Pendulum.png Pendulum [150 Mana] Destroy orbs equal to the value of target numbered cell, then pass a number of turns equal to the orbs destroyed. 19 coins
Dirty Soap.png Dirty Soap Orbs explode in a 3x3 area when clicked. Spawn 3 Cankers when you gain this item. 20 coins
Thought Bubble.png Thought Bubble Your orbs cannot bounce off walls. Every 10 turns, spawn an object inside a bubble. 40 coins
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