Original Sin

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Original Sin
Original Sin.png
Lv1 Mythic Emblem
Effect ?
Boss Huskbane
Sigil Lv1 "Edible"
Divine Pound of Flesh.png Pound of Flesh
Cost Token.png10 Tokens

Wing.png10 Wing
Nectar.png10 Nectar

Teardrop.png10 Teardrop

Original Sin is a Beyond mode Emblem.

"Beware the serpent."



Drop Condition

Mythic Drop Original Sin.png

When you consume an Apple.png Apple on a Garden Stage there is a small chance (~1/100 ?) you will obtain Original Sin.

Some coins, Gluttony.png Gluttony and an Apple-selling Nomad.png Nomad will let you eat Apple.png Apples as fast as you can click. A Bandana.png Bandana buffed with a Magic Hammer.png Magic Hammer will be more effective than coins as the nomad's cost increases. Add an electric Aura or Merchant Amulet.png Merchant Amulet could also help. With careful use of bubbles, Merchant Amulet.png Merchant Amulet does stack with itself. With 2 and a 5 apple-selling NPC, the player can consume 30 items per click.


The Sigil effect of Original Sin doesn't work: It has an increased chance of generating a Sigil with the Lvl2 impulse "Edible", but because Original Sin is a Lv1 Emblem it can't drop Lv2 Sigils.