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Paint is a cosmetic used to apply colours to avatars and inventories. Each stage (apart from Wonder, Reef, Christmas, R, G and B) has a unique paint which can only be found on that stage. In addition, a number of paints exist which can be discovered on any stage.

Paints are standard Objects but are fairly rare. As a result, playing on a level with a large number of mods is more likely to make paint appear, as is playing on large stages with a large number of 0-value cells. Consider using items like Miracle Seed to increase the chances of finding paints.

Stage Paints
Name Text
Forest Green Exclusive to Forest
Cavern Grape Exclusive to Cavern
Desert Sun Exclusive to Desert
Strand Mist Exclusive to Strand
Ocean Tears Exclusive to Ocean
Tropics Banana Exclusive to Tropics
Volcano Charcoal Exclusive to Volcano
Wilds Mud Exclusive to Wilds
Arctic Frost Exclusive to Arctic
Brink Pink Exclusive to Brink
Farm Yolk Exclusive to Farm
Alcove Slate Exclusive to Alcove
Grotto Mustard Exclusive to Grotto
Hallow Plum Exclusive to Hallow
Swamp Moss Exclusive to Swamp
Graveyard Gravel Exclusive to Gravel
Dungeon Brick Exclusive to Dungeon
Memory Moody Exclusive to Memory
Tribe Vibe Exclusive to Tribe
Shrine Wine Exclusive to Shrine
Blossom Cherry Exclusive to Blossom
Island Zest Exclusive to Island
Mountain Chocolate Exclusive to Mountain
Garden Grass Exclusive to Garden
Ruins Refuse Exclusive to Ruins
Skies Cream Exclusive to Skies
Fungus Bold Exclusive to Fungus
Sewer Sludge Exclusive to Sewer
Prefecture Peril Exclusive to Prefecture
Machine Steel Exclusive to Machine
Delta Dark Exclusive to Delta
Ash Bone Exclusive to Ash
Quarry Crush Exclusive to Quarry
Vale Jade Exclusive to Vale
Storm Indigo Exclusive to Storm
Bloodway Blush Exclusive to Bloodway
Blight Obsidian Exclusive to Blight
Rapture Passion Exclusive to Rapture
Elysium Energy Exclusive to Elysium
Hell Flame Exclusive to Hell
Entropy Eccentricity Exclusive to Entropy
Lagoon Lazure Exclusive to Lagoon
Galaxy Twilight Exclusive to Galaxy
Womb Rouge Exclusive to Womb
Convoy Candor Exclusive to Convoy
Metropolis Mix Exclusive to Metropolis
Hinterland Powder Exclusive to Hinterland
Tower Bark Exclusive to Tower
Glass Brass Exclusive to Glass
Minefield Clay Exclusive to Minefield

Global Paints
Name Text
Noir Just like the movies.
Exotic Orange Close to the equator
Warzone Camo Monsters won't see you coming
Pink It Up How embarassing
Red Sands Wear sandals
Cabin Fever You should get out more
Damaged Goods We all have our demons
Retro Cartoon Like, radical!
Neurotic Neptune A cold flair
Vibrant Youth Rose-tinted glasses
Violence At Dawn The mourning light
Chemical Spill Gives you superpowers
Hope Vote for me
Purple Sunset Staring at lava lamps
Fresh Mint You smell like a clean car
Bitter Pill The truth hurts
Letting Off Steam The anger within
Dream Of Blood Dark intent
Between Two Worlds Spirits gather
Heatmap Lifeforms detected
End Of Summer It's over already?
Seaweed I'm wet
Cotton Candy 25 cents
Orchard Rain Plants in the rain
Minty Chocolate Better than vanilla
Pumpkin Treat Family recipe
Phantoplasm Ghost guts
Bloodshot Give those eyes a rest
Brewing Evil Innocence beware
Am I Dreaming? Pinch me
Juicy Melon Burstin (sic) with flavour
Boy Of Crayons Rainbow surprise
Rusty Nails Watch your step
Eldritch Horizon The fantasy looms
Lazer Burn Zap
Martian Condition Sandy red
Singing Earth At the edge of the world
Blue Me Away Doesn't get any bluer
Steel Neena Caught a ride with a trickster
Bright Night Amid the blinding dark
Digital Boy Gaming in HD
Vaporwave Old is new again
Cutting Edge Vibe of tomorrow
Altered Perception Put a different spin on it