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Pathfinding allows you to complete a stage with a percentage of cells still unsolved.

Unflagged hidden cells and incorrect flags are unsolved cells. Visible cells and flagged monsters are solved cells.

You may have up to a maximum of 50% pathfinding, or down to -50%.

Negative pathfinding gives you a chance to finish the stage without marking it as complete.

The Scout Mastery.png Scout Mastery is based around pathfinding.

Pathfinding Profile.png

Hovering your profile avatar will show your pathfinding stat, and the number of target number of unsolved cells required to autocomplete the current stage.

Pathfinding Related Items

Image Name Description Cost
False Map.png False Map Lose 5% pathfinding at the end of each stage. 0 coins
Scout's Memento.png Scout's Memento If you step through the Dimensional Portal with at least 20% pathfinding, start the next dimension with 10% pathfinding. 0 coins
Toasted Marshmallow.png Toasted Marshmallow Gain a soul. If you have any pathfinding, gain 3 souls instead. 0 coins
Travelog.png Travelog Gain 1% pathfinding for each stage you have completed. 10 coins
Map Marker.png Map Marker Whenever you discover a cell of value 6 or greater, gain 2% pathfinding. 12 coins
Breadcrumbs.png Breadcrumbs Gain 3% pathfinding. Solve all cells near visible cells with a value equal to one-tenth of your pathfinding or less. 20 coins
Rainbow Rope.png Rainbow Rope Gain 1% pathfinding at the end of each stage for each different type of aura present. 22 coins
Rocket Boots.png Rocket Boots [2 Leg Armor] Gain 5% pathfinding. Lose all pathfiding if these boots are removed. 24 coins
Divine Marshmallow.png Divine Marshmallow [50 Mana] Remove Burning from target 7x7 area and gain 1% pathfinding for each aura removed this way. If you removed fewer than 5, transform into Toasted Marshmallow. Otherwise, transform into Burnt Marshmallow. 25 coins
Essence of Motion.png Essence of Motion [100 Mana] Gain pathfinding equal to one-tenth the sum of target visible 3x3 area, rounded down. 25 coins
Scout Doll.png Scout Doll Gain pathfinding equal to your mastery charge cost when your ultimate ability is activated. 30 coins
Glasses.png Glasses Gain 10% pathfinding. Lose the same amount if you lose this item. 35 coins
Flying Carpet.png Flying Carpet [100 Mana] Gain 20% pathfinding and manalock for 100 turns. Lose the same amount of pathfinding after 100 turns. 44 coins
Sunglasses.png Sunglasses Gain 30% pathfinding. Lose the same amount if you lose this item. 48 coins


  • v1.68 Negative pathfinding now gives you a chance to finish the stage without marking it as complete
  • v1.60 Mechanic added
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