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When you fully and correctly solve a cell by chording, reveal nearby cells and kill any monsters within.

Powerchord is essentially a normal chord except the flag placement around the target cell must be correct (no "overflagging" the cell allowed) and the resulting chord will kill all the flagged monsters.

Powerchord Related Items

Image _pageName Description Cost
Battleaxe You can powerchord any cell of value 4 or greater. 40 coins
Berserker Necklace You have a 5% chance to powerchord. 26 coins
Brass Knuckles For the next 10 turns, you can powerchord any cell. 16 coins
Chain Whip Your familiars move extra times equal to the length of your chain. You can powerchord any cell as long as the length of your chain is 6 turns or greater. 50 coins
Dragon Knuckles [300 Mana] For a number of turns equal to the monsters you have killed plus 1, you can powerchord any cell. 50 coins
Elemental Knuckles [200 Mana] For a number of turns equal to the sum of target visible 3x3 area, you can powerchord any cell that has an aura. 26 coins
Maul When you enter a stage, the first cell you chord becomes a powerchord. Every 10 monsters you kill, gain a soul. 38 coins

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