Prophet Mastery

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Prophet Mastery
Prophet Mastery.png

Tier I Increase your XP gain by 25%.
Tier II You are twice as likely to find items you have never acquired.
Tier III [5 Charges] Gain between 1 and 5 Tokens.
Unlock I Unlock by completing a quest with at least 1000 points.
Unlock II Unlock II by completing a quest with at least 2000 points.
Unlock III Unlock III by completing a quest with at least 3000 points.

The Prophet Mastery is focused on metagame progression.

It provides virtually no mechanical benefit for the current run.

Helps you gain Levels. The increased XP from the I ability also directly increases your score by the same amount, making it easier to unlock the Classic skins for each stage.

The II ability helps fill out the codex and find Blueprints.

The active ability directly provides Tokens, on top of the Tokens the first ability already provides from faster leveling.


  • v1.58 Prophet III buff: "Gain between 1 and 5 Tokens." (was "Gain a token.")