Pumpkin Patch

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Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch.png
Lv1 Mythic Emblem
Effect First stage has no stage mod

Second stage gains

Third stage gains

Boss stage gains

Boss Maniac
Sigil Lv1 "Howl"
Divine Bone Baton.png Bone Baton
Cost Token.png10 Tokens
Wheat.png10 Wheat
Limpwort.png10 Limpwort
Pumpkin.png10 Pumpkin

Pumpkin Patch is a Beyond mode Emblem.

"Trick or treat, monsters cheat!"


The first stages are standard but the Maniac boss combined with the unpredictable Evolving mod.pngEvolving mod is a concern.

Drop Condition

Mythic Drop Pumpkin Patch.png

When you click a Spooker.png Spooker on a Graveyard Stage there is a small chance (~1/100 ?) you will obtain Pumpkin Patch.

The most reliable way to spawn Spookers is to spawn large amounts of normal Canker.png Cankers. Use Troll Cross.png Troll Cross with range extenders like Astral Spike.png Astral Spike. Increase the cell values of the target area with Pentagram.png Pentagram or Swelling Rune.png Swelling Rune.

Thought Bubble.png Thought Bubble can continuously clear the normal Cankers out of the way.

You also want enough health to safely click through Cankers, perhaps from multiple Alcohol.png Alcohol. Alternatively, use Guardian Mastery.png Guardian Mastery to be immune.


Spooker.png Spookers spawn during the Halloween event, making this a limited time access Emblem.


  • v1.68 Fixed likely sigil drops for Holiday emblems. Pumpkin Patch is now "Howl" (was "Roving", which as a Lv2 word could never drop from a Lv1 sigil)
  • v1.60 Added