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Description Stages have 1 additional Hungry Plant. Every 50 cells opened without a mistake, gain either a Miracle Seed or a Demon Seed.
Category Passive
Cost 18 coins

Sapling is a Passive item that spawns a Hungry Plant.png Hungry Plant and gives you a Status Effect that activates after you open 50 cells without a mistake. Gives you a Miracle Seed.png Miracle Seed or a Demon Seed.png Demon Seed.

Large amounts of Demon Seed.png Demon Seeds can clog your inventory. You can enhance sapling by activating Divine Demon Seed.png Divine Demon Seed, to make them collapse into one.


  • Nut.png 3 Nut (Tropics stage)
  • Dew.png 3 Dew (Alcove stage)


This item has no trivia at this time.